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High quality and useful content should be preferred in search results



High quality and useful content should be preferred in search results

You certainly know this if you use a search engine. You often come across content that isn’t satisfying and often that content isn’t even from one person. The nonsense that is often copied and scraped is really ugly and man-made nonsense (keyword: clickbait) is also felt to be on the increase, even in the German-speaking media landscape. In the future, it won’t be so easy for SEO smacks and clickbait booths with inferior content, at least in English-speaking countries.

With its search engine, Google wants to favor “useful” content and not just intended to generate clicks. From next week, the search will therefore be improved – unfortunately only for English-speaking users. Priority should then be given to (useful) content from people for people. For this purpose, extensive feedback was used, which was obtained from human reviewers. According to Google, this was no easy task. Inferior content should be noticeably reduced by the improvements, authentic and useful content should be easier to find. This also applies to the classification of high-quality original content and its placement in search. A first update should already be in the starting blocks for the coming weeks. This is intended to make it easier to find original, high-quality reviews.

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