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New platform for 5G routers and mobile hotspots



New platform for 5G routers and mobile hotspots

MediaTek has introduced a new solution for 5G routers and mobile hotspots with the T830 platform. The internal M80 modem is used here. The SoC uses four ARM Cortex-A55 cores, a 3GPP Release-16 5G modem, and a Network Processing Unit (NPU) with 20 Gbps support to translate 5G connections to Ethernet and Wi-Fi without overloading the CPU.

CPU and NPU work hand in hand here. The MediaTek T830 is intended to be combined with Filogic Wi-Fi solutions. MediaTek itself describes the features:

Additional features of the T830 include:

  • The built-in M80 modem incorporates MediaTek’s 5G UltraSave technologies to ensure optimal power efficiency for all 5G connection conditions.
  • Cellular capabilities of the M80 modem include both 5G NSA/SA support, with sub-6GHz connections up to 4CC-AC and mixed-duplex FDD/TDD support.
  • 5G Dual SIM (DSDS) support, depending on device manufacturer requirements.
  • Peripheral connectivity includes 3 complex PCI-Express root controllers, USB 3.2, two 10GbE USXGMII interfaces, as well as various PCM/SPI interfaces for RJ11 phone lines.
  • An integrated 3D GPU with a display driver.
  • Support for RDK-B, prplOS, and OpenSync to comply with Open OS Framework specifications from various Tier 1 carriers.

As a private customer, you probably won’t hear too much about the MediaTek T830 except that it may appear in the specs of 5G routers. However, it is currently unclear which partners want to use the platform.

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