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Tale of The Nine-Tailed Season 2 Release Date Updates



Tale of The Nine-Tailed Season 2 Release Date

Tale of The Nine-Tailed Season 1 Official Trailer

¡Hola fans of K-drama! Now tell me honestly how many of you are fans of Lee Dong Wook? I can assume there are a lot of people who really like it, aren’t there? And why won’t anyone like it? Such a charismatic character, a performer who can play any role so perfectly. In short, a flawless person who won the hearts of many.

There are also other renowned actors who are there in the series who have given outstanding performances in their respective roles. Audiences around the world were mesmerized and I hope you were too. With a rating of 7.9 on IMDb and 8.4 on My Drama List, I’ll only say guys if you haven’t watched the drama yet. It’s not too late to binge-watch the show now.

Season 1 has 16 episodes in total and each one lasts 1h10. The drama genre is Thriller, Horror, Fantasy, Supernatural, and Romance; which will keep you glued to the screen and giving you goosebumps until the very end of the show.

From Episode 1 you will find yourself watching until the end and when it ends you will have an everlasting effect who knows the show could become your next binge show.

And I don’t think I need to tell you when Lee Yeon entered the screen in black overalls and a red umbrella, everyone was screaming at such a grand entrance. He played his role of fox and human too well. Even his chemistry with Nam Ji Ah is worth mentioning.

So, let me ask you, have you ever watched this amazing show? Otherwise, go watch the show right before season 2 makes its way to the OTTs.

And for those who have already watched the entire show, you have to wonder if a new season will make its way or not. Then you guys have logged into the right page. I have come to bring good news that will lift your spirits and make you nervous and excited.

So hold your breath and fasten your seatbelts, the journey may be difficult.

But the real question is: are you ready? Well, you better be here, we’re about to begin.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead!

Tale of The Nine-Tailed Season 2 Release Date

Nine Tails Season 2 Tale

The K-drama aired on October 7, 2022 and ended its Season 1 run with 16 episodes on December 3, 2020. It has now been over a year and fans are waiting for an official announcement of their ending so they can see more of the thrill and romance on their screen.

But don’t worry guys, like I said, I bring good news, so don’t get upset at all. The reason for its delay was the production department and the writer was not sure about the response for season 1, so they were waiting before they wanted to continue with a new season.

But with huge demand and more than the average response, they decided to continue the series.

In addition, the main actors were busy with other shows. Especially with hit shows like Squid Game and Taxi Driver, fans have mostly forgotten about this one, to be very honest. Until the actors decide to come back and the team decides to continue the story.

The news has been made official that The Nine-Tailed tale will have a new season and will return with the same cast and pick up where it left off in Season 1 in 2023. The news was made official in Soompi in May 2022. TvN confirmed the news, and so our sources are informed. Season 2 will begin airing in 2023 as Tale of the Nine-Tailed 1938.

As MDL most likely reported, the show could start airing from April 2023, but the release date for its final episode has yet to be confirmed by the team.

The new season will have a total of 12 episodes and each of them will be 60 minutes long. But as we know that for K-dramas, new episodes are released every week, so it won’t be long before the series finishes releasing more than 12 episodes in 2023.

Taking the show with a chaotic ending in Season 1, the next season will pick and choose from the events of the year 1938, but what will happen and why the story takes place in the past will soon be shared with you.

Now let’s move on to discussing the possible plot of the upcoming new season.

show name Tale of the Nine Tails
season number Season 2
Gender Fantasy, Romance, Action
Tale of The Nine-Tailed Season 1 Release Date October 7, 2020
Tale of The Nine-Tailed Season 2 Release Date Not announced yet
Tale of The Nine-Tailed Season 2 Preview

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Tale of The Nine-Tailed Season 2 Story

Tale of The Nine-Tailed Season 2 Release Date
Nine Tails Season 2 Tale

Lee Yeon is completely unexpectedly involved in a mysterious event that leads him to time travel and he finds himself in 1938. Once back, he meets Ryu Hong Joo and is surprised by this encounter which gives him the Deja feeling. Seen.

Here he finds her owning an upscale restaurant and unlike the future here she actually shows interest in him. He also meets his brother. He meets Cheon Moo Young and some things lead to other things, which leads to the hostile feelings he started having for Yeon.

But in the midst of it all, he’s had this nagging feeling of coming back to the present because he feels it’s his right place and his loved ones are there for him as well.

Quite an interesting plot, isn’t it? So people are waiting for the show to make its way next year until then, keep watching other current and upcoming TV series.

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Tale of The Nine-Tailed Season 2 Cast

Tale of The Nine-Tailed Season 2 Release Date
Nine Tails Season 2 Tale

In all likelihood, the cast of season 1 will return in this new season. You might as well see some new faces.

So, let’s take a look and find out who is there in the series.

You will again meet Lee Dong Wook as Lee Yeon or Gumiho, Kim Bum as Lee Rang, Kim So Yeon as Ryu Hong Joo, Ryu Kyung Soo as Cheon Moo Young, Hwang Hee as Gu Shin Joo and Kim Yong Ji as Seon Woo. Eun Ho.

Now that I’ve talked about the cast and the story, are you excited? Well, I hope this upcoming new season will have you ogling the cast and drooling over their chemistry. And also keep your eyes mostly glued to the screen with its amazing storyline.

Tale of The Nine-Tailed Season 1 Recap

Tale of The Nine-Tailed Season 2 Release Date
Nine Tails Season 2 Tale

Lee Yeon is a nine-tailed fox or Gumiho who has lived for many centuries and now he has settled in the modern city in his human form with his original form unknown to others. He loves having chocolate mint ice cream and eradicating evil beings or to be more precise supernatural creatures that threaten the modern world. He is also desperately trying to find his first love whom he believes has been reincarnated and lives in town.

Ji Ah, meanwhile, is a television producer working on a show based on urban myths. What will happen when the duo meet? Will sparks fly? Or would Ji Ah suspect Yeon who she thinks is connected to the car accident that claimed her parents’ lives years ago?

There is also his brother who is half a fox and resents him and everyone else. And traps greedy humans with his tricks.

The story is full of chaos, mystery, heartbreaking romance and a bit of comedy. The drama will capture your interest from the start of the series.

Tale of The Nine-Tailed Season 2 Trailer

The announcement of a new season has just been made official. And so there are no trailers available yet. As soon as our sources get their hands on clips, we’ll share them with you. Until then, watch Season 1 if you haven’t yet. You will find the link to the Season 1 trailer attached above the article.

Go watch now.

Where to watch Tale of The Nine-Tailed Season 2 online?

You will find season 1 available on netflix, Viki Rakuten and Amazon Prime Videos. And as with season 2, the streaming network is still unknown. They could broadcast it on the same platform as season 1. But nothing is official. We will get back to you soon with confirmation.

So with that you have reached the end. I won’t keep you engaged here now and would suggest instead that you watch the old season again. Or other shows of the same actors while waiting for the news.

Good watch!

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