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Bloody Hell Hotel is a bloody but sweet alternative to Stardew Valley



Bloody Hell Hotel is a bloody but sweet alternative to Stardew Valley


Bloody Hell Hotel – Management game with farming elements and a dark twist in the trailer

Are farming sims like Stardew Valley and Story of Seasons too much peace, joy, pancakes for your taste? Need something darker and bloodier, but still have a thing for building and managing? Then Bloody Hell Hotel could be for you. In this game you don’t build a farm, you build a hotel, but you also plant vegetables there and have to deal with mad cows, and of course your guests – whom you suck from time to time.

Hotel management and agriculture as bloodsuckers

As? Why suck? Very simple: the special thing about Bloody Hell Hotel is that you are not only new hoteliers, but also vampires.

If the concept is a little morbid, the graphic style of the game is rather cute; and if it reminds you of Darq then you’ve come to the right place because it’s the same development team. Here’s what we learn about the story on the game’s Steam page:

We wake up from a centuries-old coma and must realize that our absence has not done the hotel any good. Only a sad ruin remains of the majestic mansion. We need to get them back in shape in order to open our doors to customers again. The problem is that our gritty nature doesn’t mesh well with customer service.

Beware - bloodsuckers at reception.

Beware – bloodsuckers at reception.

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In the trailer we also see how a strange culture is grown and cooked – and in case you’re wondering if there’s a cave system as well, the answer is yes, of course. Here, according to the development team, you can plow, grow plants, do crafts, find resources and, of course, play with monsters… So with other monsters.

Bloody Hell Hotel is currently only announced for PC, but the dev team has promised on Twitter that the console announcement will follow soon. Nothing more is known about the release date of the title.

Are you looking forward to the game and maybe you already know Darq?

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