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Diablo 4 is not supposed to be Pay2Win, but after Diablo Immortal we would be careful



Diablo 4 is not supposed to be Pay2Win, but after Diablo Immortal we would be careful

Looking at the Diablo 4 store announcements, even the antagonist Lilith seems pretty critical.

After Diablo Immortal, the hope of the Blizzard series grassroots community rests on Diablo 4. At the moment, everything sounds like we’re actually waiting for the brand’s next big RPG that can grant fans wishes. This also aligns with the latest announcements regarding Diablo 4’s real-money store. Supposedly, there should only be cosmetic items in the purely optional store and, importantly, no items that provide any direct or indirect benefit in-game. Are you familiar with this?

Diablo 4: Blizzard promises again that there is no Pay2Win

New Diablo 4 Store Information: There is a lot of information in the last quarterly update. A whole section revolves solely around the planned shop. Yes, there will be one more, but no, it’s said to be very different this time around (than it was with Diablo Immortal, for example). But let’s take a closer look.

The shop is purely optional: This seems very important to Blizzard and is underlined. There are only accessories with which we are supposed to be able to customize our appearance. None of this should have its own values. But above all he says:

“There are no items in the store that give a direct or indirect in-game advantage.”

(via: Blizzard)

It sounds good at first. At least there doesn’t seem to be any ambiguity or ambiguity here, so Pay2Win should be ruled out. Really. If it wasn’t for the past and all the debacle surrounding Diablo Immortal’s release and Pay2Win mechanics. Looking ahead to Diablo Immortal, similar claims have been made.

There, it was only tough that there would be no way to buy or upgrade equipment with money. However, lead developer Wyatt Cheng (via: Reddit) then had to resort to flimsy justification and argue that Legendary Gems aren’t gear – despite being essential for progressing in Diablo Immortal and can hardly be obtained without real money.

Find out more here:

Shop horror is hard to put into one article


Diablo Immortal:

Shop horror is hard to put into one article

So maybe you shouldn’t get excited too soon and wait to see how the Diablo 4 store actually turns out. After all, Blizzard could have still offered quibbles, and then there’s something in Diablo 4 that isn’t strictly an item, but still provides benefits.

How careful has Diablo Immortal made you about Diablo 4? what are you waiting for

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