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First information about Earth Revival



First information about Earth Revival

Earth Revival is based on multiplayer survival with a futuristic setting and an open world.

This could be exciting: Earth Revival blends some well-known elements into a promising package. The first trailer also piques our interest and looks beautifully atmospheric. You can even try the open-world multiplayer game at gamescom 2022 and sign up for an exclusive beta.

In Earth Revival we face giant aliens and it looks really cool

That’s what it’s about : Earth Revival has just been unveiled and is presented in a first teaser trailer. And it has a lot of information to offer and shows off the title’s setting, opponents, weapons and characters and futuristic SciFi world. Here you will find all the information available to date on the title announced for 2023.

Here you can first trailer for Earth: Revival To look at:

Earth: Revival - Trailer showcases open-world survival with a sci-fi setting and aliens


Earth: Revival – Trailer showcases open-world survival with a sci-fi setting and aliens

What’s inside ? Earth Revival is set in the year 2112 and takes place on a shabby, half-ruined land. To make matters worse, we also have to deal with giant aliens. But at least we can build weapons, gear, and a base to arm ourselves against the fight. They even say there are armed pets!

The game is played from a third person perspective and so far there is no doubt as to whether it is a Free2Play title. PvE raids, BR mode, boss events and more are planned for Earth Revival’s endgame. The following elements should represent the cornerstones of the game, as explained by development studio and publisher Nuverse in a press release:

  • Open world exploration: The SciFi open world is big, wild and inhospitable.
  • personalization: We can customize our character in the character editor, but also with weapons and armor according to our preferences.
  • sci-fi weapons: There should be a lot of different weapons, all of which should be pretty futuristic.
  • Gathering and Crafting: Of course, it is also important in Earth Revival to collect a lot of materials in order to craft food, tools or other equipment.
  • Monsters and Pets: Not only do we face off against bad guys, but we can also tame “armed smart pets” and fight alongside them, which sounds fantastic.
  • basic building: The futuristic base should offer a lot of possibilities for ideas.
  • Collectibles: You can find various outfits but also vehicles (like a motorcycle) for example.

Beta registration has started: You can sign up now for the exclusive Earth Revival beta, scheduled for September 2-18. It takes place exclusively for people in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Germany and only works on Android devices and PCs.

When and where does it appear? Earth Revival is coming to PC, iOS, and Android (with cross-progression). So you should be able to play the survival title on your smartphone, tablet, or Steam Deck when the time comes. The development studio is currently aiming for a 2023 release. However, you can play everything at gamescom 2022.

What do you think of the previous information and the Earth Revival trailer?

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