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Video editor tweaks are said to make posting to TikTok harder



Video editor tweaks are said to make posting to TikTok harder

Instagram is currently lagging behind TikTok: the social network isn’t enthusiastic about it in many ways. So they wanted to establish a short video contest with the reels, but had to realize that a lot of content ended up there with TikTok watermarks and thus indirectly advertised the contest. Moreover, so far many TikTok users were happy to use Reels video editor but then exported their videos and uploaded them on the competition. According to The Verge, Instagram is increasingly putting a stop to that.

The background: Reels offers a much more powerful video editor than TikTok. This has led to many TikTok users also using Reels’ tools, uploading their edited videos and then posting them on the competing platform. Of course, Instagram doesn’t like this approach at all. TikTok itself prevents such issues because only completed/downloaded videos can be downloaded and always have a watermark. YouTube Shorts is now doing the same.

Instagram now ensures that videos that have been edited but not yet uploaded can still be uploaded, but the audio track is missing. At least this is already the case on Apple iOS. Only after the respective video has been published on Reels can it be downloaded with sound. Currently, however, it is still the case with Android that videos with sound can also be downloaded without being published on Reels. So it’s still possible that it’s just a bug.

Instagram has yet to respond to The Verge’s inquiries about this. It is quite possible that one was annoyed that users use the company’s tools on the one hand, but then prefer to make their content available elsewhere on the other. Have you ever noticed the change? Or are both TikTok and Instagram overtaking you?

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