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Have you ever been ridiculed for your gambling hobby?



Have you ever been ridiculed for your gambling hobby?

Has anyone ever reacted like this when you talked about your hobby?

Gambling is a fantastic pastime, and hardly anyone would disagree with us here. Video games have given us all great moments and created memories that are often an integral and important part of our lives.

But just as we step out of our gaming bubble and tell other people about our great hobby, you may see various raised eyebrows or receive irritated questions. Because even though more and more people are playing now, there are still many who don’t quite know what to make of the whole thing. And in certain situations, they make us uncomfortable by considering them as children’s affairs, for example.

And that is exactly what this survey is about: We want to know from you if you have ever been smiled at specifically for your gambling hobby. And if so, by whom and where? And how did you react in these situations, what responses? Take our poll and vote!

You are of course welcome to describe the relevant situations in more detail in the comments below this article. In any case, we look forward to your stories!

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Thank you in advance for your participation in our survey!

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