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Qualcomm likely plans server chips again



Qualcomm likely plans server chips again

According to a Bloomberg report, Qualcomm plans to return to the server market with new ARM-based chips. It relies on information provided by people familiar with these plans. Qualcomm left this industry four years ago, but the manufacturer could now re-enter this market to reduce its dependence on the smartphone industry.

These plans have become public, among other things, because Amazon with its AWS division as a buyer of server chips has probably been approached with corresponding purchase offers. The takeover of chip startup Nuvia is already bearing fruit. Qualcomm and Amazon officials have yet to comment on Bloomberg.

The server market has changed in recent years, with various companies now producing their own chips – let’s see how successful Qualcomm’s new efforts will be and whether Intel might be pushed back as top dog.

Still, the potential gains in server chips are promising. At the same time, major players are increasing their spending on cloud infrastructure. And: Increasingly efficient ARM processors are also being developed for servers and are also being demanded by customers as energy costs rise.

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