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Who was Suzy Friton? Learn more about her!



Who Was Suzy Friton?

Do I see a lot of UFC fans here? Maybe I am. Well, when it comes to the United Fighting Championship, it always makes the audience excited and nervous at the same time.

Well if you’re a UFC fan, you must know who Suzy Friton is, right? But unfortunately, she is no longer with us. Her sudden disappearance broke everyone’s hearts, especially those who knew her and were rather close to her. Not only was she a beloved member of the UFC staff, but her work experience dates back over 15 years.

His death devastated MMA members and shook the entire community. The people around pay tribute to the hero and our sincere condolences to the champion too.

Before we discuss more about Suzy and the facts and incidents surrounding her death, let me ask you, are you aware of the UFC and MMA for that matter? Well don’t worry, that’s why we’re here. Wear your gear because we’ve come here to share everything you need to know about the UFC world and Suzy in particular.

And if you don’t know who Suzy Friton is and what caused her sudden disappearance, follow the article to find out more. You will find all the answers to your question.

But the question is, are you ready? And you better be!

Later I will also share some details on where you can find her makeup clips and other videos.

Who was Suzy Friton?

Who was Suzy Friton?

Born on October 26, 1967, Suzy Friton from Los Angeles, USA was one of the oldest and most beloved members of the UFC. She was a pretty busy body during her UFC years.

Suzy Friton is her stage name, so her original name is Semolina Fritton. After graduating from high school at a nearby school, she attended St. Louis University present in Mussoorie.

Not much about her family and background is shared as she was very strict about her privacy except for her training and life as a makeup artist in the UFC which you will find on the internet and social media.

She was a religious Christian, with brown hair and eyes, everyone can agree that she was indeed very beautiful. She also owned a dog but his name remains unknown.

During her lifetime, she used to run her Instagram handle where she shared her snaps and other posts related to other content. You can visit his handle @travelingbandits and take a look. It was actually his blog account.

Social media posts and photos of her are there and I have shared her identity.

Not much is known about her personal life as she has shared very little about her personal life. But sources have confirmed that she is not engaged and does not have a boyfriend. This further reduces the conclusion that she was unmarried.

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Friton had worked as a makeup artist for UFC members for 15 years. It was his role to check and observe the players and see if they were ready for the camera and fit to continue live. So, in short, she had a huge role both onstage and offstage.

She worked for many players and helped them with makeup for as long as she was in the UFC. Which makes her a common face and the favorite makeup artist of all time.

She was the UFC’s makeup artist, wardrobe designer, and also their hairstylist. Her job didn’t just end for UFC champions, but she was also in charge of makeup and wardrobe for ring announcers, commentators, and UFC roster octagon girls.

Suzy was a makeup artist for Fox, UFC Ultimate Insider and UFC Insider.

She had been working with MMA since 2006. She even used to attend many events around the world including; Canada, Mexico, the United States and finally South America.

Everything was going well for her until her sudden disappearance on September 9, 2021 came as a global shock to fans around the world and those who knew her. She left the earth at the age of 54.

The star, as she battled her illness, breathed her last on September 9. Below, I have shared information regarding his illness and death.

What caused the death of Suzy Friton?

What caused the death of Suzy Friton?
What caused the death of Suzy Friton?

In March 2020, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and was in stage 4 of her disease. Her health became quite fragile and she ended up losing a lot of weight.

Towards the end of the year, she believed she was showing signs of recovery with her chemotherapy and radiotherapy and later moved to a more holistic approach. But she felt it had all fallen apart as westernized drugs worsened her condition.

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After a long period of treatment, everyone was happy to find her on her feet and she even came back to continue her work.

But again, her cancer recurred, shattering her dreams and her joy. And it started spreading to his liver, spine, lungs and other parts of the body. But like the fighter that she was, she fought her cancer and with a smile on her face she continued her work, but over time her cancer spread to her whole body which made her condition more serious than before.

She said in a podcast that she was aware of the speed at which the cancer was spreading and the severity of her illness and the difficulties she faced every day as she battled the disease.

Suzy Friton left earth on December 9, 2021 making people around her hard to accept that she will no longer be with us.

A fund was set up to raise money to help her fight through her treatment and everyone around supported her in her struggles as she battled her stage 4 cancer.

With her death, she shook the MMA community. Tributes around all social media platforms and other platforms and websites have been raised as the world misses Suzy.

Instagram, Facebook and Twitter were inundated with comments from netizens as they sent their tributes and condolences to the champion. You can visit the profiles at any time and you will discover all the tweets, messages and comments related to his disappearance.

Jon Anik UFC commentator and broadcaster was absolutely devastated upon learning of the incident following Suzy Friton’s death. He has fond memories of Suzy and has dedicated an entire podcast to her. Many celebrities and other UFC members shared photos of Friton and posted their heartfelt condolences as they refused to believe in his death.

Many stars and fans around the world are mourning his death and you will find many articles following the news and celebrity responses in other articles and e-logs.

Even when she shared her struggles and pain with her followers, they stood by her side and were a constant supper to her and tweeted that she was not alone in this fight. It is indeed quite heartbreaking for everyone as she left with a smile on her face.

A fund of over $100,000 has been raised to help Suzy in times of need so she can cover the expenses of her treatment and therapy.

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What is the UFC?

What is the UFC?
What is the UFC?

UFC or Ultimate Fighting Championship is an American MMA or American Mixed Martial Arts company in Las Vegas. It was founded in 1993 by Bob Meyrowitz, Campbell McLaren, Art Davie, David Isaacs, John Milius and Rorion Gracie.

UFC supports MMA players or, to be precise, players with mixed fighting skills. They fight with a number of mixes from other fighting spots in a competition. It is a full-contact combat sport.

UFC is the largest MMA production company in the world. The UFC is considered the world leader in all sports played in the world.

A series of fights take place here, among fight nights is one. And don’t forget that MMA also plays a huge role as its style dates back over 5000 years. BJJ is the best base combined with excellent Jiu Jitsu and wrestling. In a one-on-one match, beating the opponent is nearly impossible in MMA. And Kung Fu is considered a lethal style of fighting that has been practiced for years in China.

The current net worth of UFC is around 9-10 billion which is almost shocking.

Now that you know MMA and its fighting styles, don’t forget to watch its next match. I’m sure I could hear a hooray or two from you.

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