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Flexispot ED5 review: first attempts at standing at a desk



Flexispot ED5 review: first attempts at standing at a desk

Since I have a smartwatch on my wrist every day, my time at my desk has become more obvious to me: the standing hours of a normal working day are often not particularly abundant for me. This is probably the case for many people who have worked from home in recent years. Like the other team members, I wanted to bring some variety to the workplace with a standing desk. I was allowed to try my first “stand attempts” with the Flexispot ED5. In my case it was the white frame with the bamboo top (160 x 80 cm).

The ED5 is not the flagship of Flexispot. Flexispot therefore specifies a minimum height of 62 centimeters. If you need something lower, you have to use a different model. For me, what’s on offer is good enough, as I’m more likely to be sitting in the 70 centimeter range anyway – more on that later. A maximum of 127 centimeters is possible, which should also be sufficient for most people.

According to the data sheet, compromises will also be made on the engine. At 100 kilograms, Flexispot specifies a still sufficient, but comparatively lower, load capacity and lower lifting speed for the ED5. There are two motors, one per base. The collision avoidance system, which Caschy explained in detail in its report on the E7, is also included. A look at the spec sheet:

model ED5
lifting columns 3
engine 2
payload 100kg
the rapidity 35mm/s
height adjustment 62-127cm
ballast 28.3kg
frame frame width 110-170cm
Suitable for table 120-180cm(W)×60-80cm(D)
Color Black, White, Gray
Keyboard Prime
memory check X
LED touch screen keypad X
child lock X
collision avoidance system X

The construction was done quickly for me as a less technically gifted person. Due to the weight it is worth having a second person to help with the individual steps. The individual steps are described in detail in the Ikea instruction style. The holes are pre-drilled. You can therefore progress well with a small IXO or by hand. Only when attaching the table top did I have to push it back and forth more often. But I don’t blame this on my manual skills, but rather on the slightly different “gap dimensions” between the table legs and the crosspiece. With a little skill it fits, but here you probably haven’t tried to fit properly.

In my opinion, the cable management should work a bit more elegantly, but you can deviate from the instructions if needed. I had to do it anyway because of the disk size. However, it is worth remembering to fix the technical elements when screwing the frame and the top.

Plug the power cable into the outlet and you can get started right after building. You don’t have to configure anything anymore, everything works as you want from the factory. The control unit is identical to the one Caschy has on its E7. Seven buttons with a small LED display that provides information about the current altitude. Four positions can be stored.

In addition to a standing position and a sitting position, I have created another position where I can relax and push my office chair under the table. Saving a position is very easy. Use the up or down arrow to hoist the desk to the desired position, push the M key forward, then save to the desired location. From then on, the desk moves to this position without having to “press”.

So far so good, works as it should. However, the touchscreen keys are actually prone to typing errors. You rub your hips as you pass and the desk starts to move. Of course there is the possibility to use the child lock, you have an option for that, but you don’t need it for models with haptic buttons. Incidentally, the display only lights up shortly after use, ie not permanently. a special function? One USB-A port. That’s probably not enough for fast charging for most devices, but it’s a sweet story for cable management. USB-C with a power of around 20 watts would be more up to date, but it may be too necessary.

The motor purrs pleasantly and quietly when moving the table top, the manufacturer specifies a maximum of 50 dB. When sitting it gives a very stable impression, when standing I would probably lean on the tabletop less, because then it wobbles noticeably. A stronger top could perhaps provide a bit more stability here. You also first notice how badly it affects a cheap monitor stand, which also sounds good.

In everyday life, you have to discipline yourself to stand up at some point or another. This is where the Apple Watch comes into play with its memories for example. In the meantime, however, there are also models that bring such callback functions with them. The lower lifting speed is not important here in everyday use.

Other? The size of the table top is more an individual matter, for me personally the dimensions of 160 x 80 cm were a good choice. Despite various equipment, there is still space on the desk and everything looks tidy. With an external monitor, the depth of 80 centimeters is also a good thing.

What’s the bottom line? The table frame costs 399 euros. Available in your choice of black, white or grey. In my opinion, quite fair for what is offered and the desk is sufficient for my needs. For a few euros more you get the premium E7. In addition, it is certainly worth keeping an eye on the numerous discount campaigns. Depending on the size and color of the tray, between 130 euros and 230 euros will also be charged at Flexispot.

If you’re on the road with a bit of manual dexterity, I’d probably prefer to pick up a solid plate at the hardware store due to the fairly high price. The plate always makes a stable impression. Of course, I cannot guarantee the longevity of the built-in motor after such a short time. However, Flexispot grants a 3-year warranty (or 5 years on the frame).

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