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Stardew Valley fans share these relationship tips



Stardew Valley fans share these relationship tips

Life on the farm leaves little time for relational things.

Do the simulations reflect everyday life? Well… When a Stardew Valley fan describes his relationship issues in the game and other users rush to help, it’s more hilarious than true. Since we probably can’t expect an update to the farming game anymore and the developer’s next title is still a long way off, fans are spending their time differently. And right now, that means they’re jumping on a trend of people sharing their relationship woes online. Except it’s their marriages that are at stake.

Sim Marriage Brings With It These Challenges

Have you ever experienced a similar situation: full-time work on a farm keeps you under control, but you still have to go fishing and deal with monsters in the mine? By the time you get home, your partner will have been sleeping for a long time. and when you crawl out of bed the next morning with a sword in your hand, can you ever strike your beloved?

This is how a wedding can go in Stardew Valley and is exactly what user skcup describes on Reddit, but as a supposedly serious contribution in which advice is needed. Yes, relationships in simulations are often “a little peculiar”.

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But the community is useful: Other users immediately come to the rescue and give advice. Sensitive-Put-6416 has a simple tip:

“Just bring him a good salad.

It’s about the game mechanics: lettuce is one of the things skcup artist Leah writes is particularly fond of. Shootingupfrosting, on the other hand, uses more realistic tricks and recommends:

“[…] It sounds like you need to start making your family a priority. Why do you have so many jobs? Are you fighting for enough money? Can’t your wife get a job to lighten your load a little?”

If you are looking for Stardew Valley alternatives, here are some tips for you:

AdverseCereal, on the other hand, needs some advice itself, as the situation looks quite familiar to the Reddit user:

“Oh my god, that could be me. Are we married to the same person? LOL. Worse still, lately I’ve been trying to expand my business and started a second farm on a nearby island. Some jobs require me to start extremely early in the morning (even before the ferry leaves), so I bought a little cabin here so I could spend the night and start at sunrise.”

The fan alludes to the DLC, in which we can explore an island and face new tasks there – which strongly encourages us to neglect the good old farm. You may have a guilty conscience. If you want to read more of these discussions about difficult marriages, check out Reddit.

Do you recognize any of these relationship issues?

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