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Robot vacuum cleaner with suction station and excellent navigation in the test



Robot vacuum cleaner with suction station and excellent navigation in the test

André has already tested the flagship Deebot X1 Omni robot vacuum and the Deebot T9 AIVI from Ecovacs. The Deebot T10+ falls between the models mentioned in terms of price and equipment. Reason enough to submit a model from the upper middle class of the manufacturer for a test report. In addition to a dump station, the T10+ also carries a camera in its luggage. The obstacle detection algorithms (AIVI) have been improved and the voice assistant Yiko can also be included if desired. However, the emptying station is not as fast and versatile as in the top model, but is only used for classic emptying of the dust container. Without this dump station, the model is marketed as “T10”, with a drilled squeegee function as “T10 Turbo”.

First, let’s look at the technical data of the T10 Plus. We immediately notice that the suction power of 3000 Pa is lower than the 5000 Pa of the top model. For the T10 Plus, on the other hand, “only” 899 euros (PVC) are due. In comparison with the competition, you should probably turn to the Roborock S7+ (799 euros) or the Q7 Max+ (649 euros). One has a little more, the other a little less performance. In practice, it can hardly be distinguished on this scale.

Specifications Ecovacs Deebot T10 Plus

  • Robot vacuum mop with dTOF (laser)
  • Dimensions: 353 x 353 x 103.3mm
  • Suction power: 3000Pa
  • Volume: approx. 66 dBA (suction); approximately 68 dBA (vacuuming and wiping)
  • Battery capacity: 5200mAh
  • Autonomy: up to 260 minutes
  • Charging time: 6.5 hours
  • 400ml dust container capacity
  • Water tank capacity: 240ml
  • Special functions: area cleaning, 2D and 3D map creation, carpet detection, virtual no-go zones, microphone, speakers, video functions, and much more
  • Price: about 900 euros

Since, as mentioned, a robot vacuum is more about practice than bare data, it’s best for me to come to my experiments without too much setback. After all, the T10 Plus has been making the rounds here for a few weeks now.

The installation process was quick and easy. As usual: the robot creates a Wi-Fi network and the app guides you through the steps. While other models have a flip top, the T10 Plus has a magnetic cover on top of the robot as a special feature.

What seems like a mess is the account management. After being logged out, I could no longer log into my account. It had apparently never been recorded. This assumption was confirmed when a confirmation email arrived during the first registration. A separate account is required for each smartphone, so you must release the robot accordingly. The way I know this is that you can just log into the second device with the same account – it’s (unfortunately) not that easy here. A few other things about the app could also be improved – one or the other detail in the following test report.

However, the first start-up quickly showed that the software of the robot is probably much better mastered than that of the application. The mapping was done at an impressive speed in a matter of minutes. The robot vacuum walked through each room and “looked around”. However, it was not necessary to drive to every corner of the room, in manageable rooms, it was enough to look inside for a moment, mirrors or the like did not cause any problems for the robot when mapping. The dToF module does a really good job here.

The AIVI 3.0 obstacle detection in the cleaning program also made a good impression. The T10 Plus maneuvered elegantly down the aisles without banging anywhere. I would have actually liked a little more transparency on the objects detected in the application. The 960p camera installed for detection with a near 148 degree field of view can also be used as a surveillance solution upon specific request. The T10 Plus also provides information about this with signals. It also worked as described, of course it can’t be compared to conventional surveillance solutions, but it’s a nice “emergency solution” that can also be moved around the house.

The cleaning process seemed structured. The T10 has two side brushes and can also be sent to a room for a double clean if desired. The customization options via the app are very diverse – nice!

The suction station holds 3.2 litres. Since you rely on a dust bag. The downside is that it needs to be replaced regularly. On the positive side (for allergy sufferers) there is no longer any contact with dust and the base station itself is not soiled by fine dust particles. I find the size compact. It is logical that such a station “roars” quite loudly during the draining process. However, it did its job (almost) as expected.

However, long hair in the vacuum duct can sometimes become a problem and get tied up. As promised, the brush gets along well with long hair, which sometimes becomes a problem with other models from the house. One or the other hair gets caught in the cover. It’s nice and easy to remove too.

However, the running time of 260 minutes is more than excessive, at least if you increase the suction power accordingly. Vacuuming the entire apartment twice at the highest suction level, the battery couldn’t do it. Not really smart: the cleaning process only continues after it has been fully charged.

To wipe, the T10 Plus uses a mop that is pulled behind. It’s been hollowed out a bit, like with some competing products. The water flow can be adjusted and at least the microfiber cloth on the underside vibrates at 600 vibrations per minute. It’s actually a bit more efficient than just dragging.

A special feature of the T10 Plus is that a panel of the robot is replaced by the water tank instead of just fixing it underneath in a flat design. It has a volume of 240 milliliters and was enough for my living space of around 100 square meters. Since the camera system is on the front of the T10, the water tank must be attached to the back. For this, it is necessary to maneuver the robot out of the charging station. For this, I actually relied on the built-in “Yiko” language assistant.

It worked almost as described, but often felt misdirected. Of course, the same thing happens again when removing the water tank, which is not exactly elegant – especially since the water is not filled here as with the big brother. Also, the mop cannot be lifted, so carpets are usually avoided in mop mode.

A few more words about the application. As already positively pointed out, the tuning options are diverse. The cleaning conditions can be set separately depending on the room (vacuum once or twice, with which water flow and which suction power). The cleaning order can be created: Convenient if you are on the road for a short time and the robot vacuum cleans just as long. Of course, you want to prioritize individual rooms that get dirty more often (kitchen, bathroom, etc.). Otherwise the usual: virtual barriers, prohibited areas, everything is there. Multiple cards? 3 pieces, please.

The advertised 3D map is more of a gimmick, mainly because you really have to work here yourself in Sims style – less clever than advertised. Soil material detection is not always reliable either. Then it’s best to quickly enter the above options manually for your own cleaning needs and preferences.

A conclusion? The T10 Plus was able to convince me of the cleaning result. Vacuuming and mopping works great here. The (significantly more expensive) top models show that you could give even more when wiping – if you don’t take into account that the base stations have become much more powerful.

The 899 euros requested are not insignificant, especially compared to the competition. The package was also offered for around 700 euros, currently it is 799 euros with a voucher and cleaning cloths (Amazon). If you want to hit, it’s definitely worth acting with you. If you want to rely on a robot vacuum cleaner in this price category, you should definitely shortlist the competing models linked below.

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