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Best PS4 Controllers and PS4 Pro Controllers 2022



Best PS4 Controllers and PS4 Pro Controllers 2022

The Dualshock 4 controller comes standard with every Playstation 4. In our special, we clarify which alternatives to the classic the market offers.

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From cheap to expensive, with special skins or special keys, in custom versions or just the standard version from Sony: there are many PS4 controllers. In our comparison, we present the current alternatives to control your PlayStation and tell you which is the best for what.

Some links included on this page are affiliate links. Depending on the provider, GamePro will receive a small commission if you purchase through these links without affecting the price.
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For the most demanding: NACON PS4 Revolution Pro 3

The Nacon Revolution Pro 3 offers many additional functions, including programmable profiles.

The Nacon Revolution Pro 3 offers many additional functions, including programmable profiles.


  • four configurable shortcut keys
  • Adjustable weight
  • configurable profiles
  • Adjustable trigger and stick sensitivity
  • Fits comfortably in your hand

the inconvenients

  • wired
  • close-set buttons take some getting used to

Suitable for: demanding gamers who want to precisely calibrate the sensitivity of the controller; racing game fans

Price: about 100 to 110 euros

Nacon PS4 Revolution Pro 3 at MediaMarkt*

Customizable by weight: The Revolution Pro 3 allows for weight adjustment via two chambers into which one or two of the six included weights can be inserted. But even so, the controller feels great in the hand. There are four configurable buttons inside the grips, and the control pad can also be used in a four- or eight-way version. Getting started: The buttons are much closer together than on the DS4.

Configurable profiles: The software, which allows different profiles to be configured, is particularly interesting for anyone who wants to adapt the controller to their own needs. The reaction curve of the two sticks, the vibration strength and the sensitivity of the two trigger buttons can be adjusted. The latter makes the Revolution Pro 3 very well suited for, among other things racing games or titles like Rocket League, where you like to have precise control over how much gas you give. A button at the bottom of the controller lets you quickly switch between profiles.

Barely changed: Like its predecessor, the Revolution Pro 3 only works with a wired connection, the sticks are arranged asymmetrically like the Xbox controller. Otherwise, there is virtually no change. In our opinion, the layout of the keys on the underside is a bit more comfortable, but that’s ultimately a matter of taste. The same goes for minor tweaks to the d-pad, right stick, and buttons.

Wireless alternative: With the Nacon Revolution Unlimited* there is now also a wireless version that works with a USB dongle. Unfortunately, their battery life of around 7 hours is even shorter than the DualShock 4. On the front, the Nacon Revolution Unlimited is barely distinguishable from the Pro 3, but on the back there are a few extra buttons that you can use. to control the volume and the microphone, among others can be adjusted if you have headphones connected. At around 125 euros, its price is a little higher.

Conclusion: The Nacon Revolution Pro 3 works with precision and, with its many configuration options, offers the possibility to adapt the controller to your own needs. But there hasn’t been much progress. Because it’s cheaper than other high-end controllers, the Pro Evolution 3 is our buy recommendation. But if you already own the predecessor or a comparable gamepad, you don’t need to spend more money.

Nacon PS4 Revolution Pro 3 at MediaMarkt*

The default controller: Sony DualShock 4

The DualShock 4 controller comes standard with every PS4 and costs around - separately.

The DualShock 4 controller comes standard with every PS4 and costs around $50-$60 separately.


  • has all the usual functions
  • relatively cheap for the quality

the inconvenients

  • no customization option
  • a bit small for big hands

Suitable for: Everything, but not particularly good for anything.

Price: around 60€

Sony DualShock 4 on Amazon*

Standard equipment: The DualShock 4 is the standard controller for PS4 and includes a lightbar, built-in mono speakers, stereo headphone jack, and motion sensors. However, these features are rarely used in games. The connection to the console works wirelessly via Bluetooth or via USB cable. Since the beginning of 2020, you can Fastens with two additional back buttons buy, which is not really cheap at around 40 euros. Incidentally, this won’t work on the new DualSense for the PS5.

No configuration options: With a weight of 210 grams, the controller fits well in the hand, but is sometimes a little tricky to use, especially for large hands. It also doesn’t offer any special configuration options, or any noteworthy extras.

No weak points: On the other hand, he doesn’t have any particular weaknesses either. The Dual Shock 4 has all the features you’d expect from a controller these days, and it all works at least to a decent level.

PS5 and DualShock: You can also use the DualShock 4 (like many third-party controllers) on the PS5, but only for PS4 games. For PS5 titles, you need the DualSense successor. Unfortunately, this is not compatible with the PS4.

Conclusion: The DualShock 4 has no special advantages, but it does its job reliably, is wireless and of course offers all the usual PlayStation features. Since the price-performance ratio is also right, this is our recommendation for anyone who has no special requirements but uses their controller for this genre and for this.

Sony DualShock 4 on Amazon*

The second controller: Nacon Wired Compact Controller

The Nacon wired compact controller offers all the basic functions of the Sony controller at a lower price.

The Nacon wired compact controller offers all the basic functions of the Sony controller at a lower price.


  • cheap
  • everything important works

the inconvenients

  • only works with cable
  • Motion sensors, light bar and speakers are missing
  • no extras
  • a bit small for big hands

Fits as: Second controller for local multiplayer

Price: about 40 to 50 euro

Nacon Wired Compact Controller at Saturn*

The second cheapest: Nacon’s wired compact controller is one of the more affordable models on our list. On page 2, however, you will find budget controllers that undercut it by 10 to 20 euros. Like Sony’s Dualshock 4, Nacon’s wired version also has an integrated touchpad and a 3.5mm jack for stereo headsets.

Economic equipment: However, for the low price compared to the DualShock, buyers have to do without some features: The Nacon Wired Compact doesn’t have a motion sensor, light bar, or built-in mono speakers. A wireless Bluetooth connection is also missing. Instead, you connect the controller to your PS4 (or PC) using a three-meter USB cable.

For little hands: In terms of size, the Nacon Wired Compact is about the same as Sony’s Dualshock 4, but is a bit bulkier. Large hands may experience slight handling issues, similar to Sony’s original Dualshock 4. It is therefore better to take the controller in hand before buying it.

Conclusion: The Nacon wired compact controller is essentially a cheap, slimmed down version of the standard Dual Shock 4 controller. What’s on offer isn’t enough to use as a main controller. But if you’re looking for a second controller for casual local multiplayer gaming, this is the place.

Nacon Wired Compact Controller at Saturn*

Budget Buying Tip: CSL Wireless PS4 Gamepad

Compared to other controllers in its price range, the CSL Wireless PS4 Gamepad offers a lot of features.

Compared to other controllers in its price range, the CSL Wireless PS4 Gamepad offers a lot of features.


  • wireless
  • all the usual functions
  • cheap

the inconvenients

  • worse haptics than the Dualshock
  • Somewhat sensitive analog sticks
  • Numbers instead of symbols
  • mediocre battery (500 mAh)

Suitable for: Everyone except those who still have to look at the icons to know which key to press.

Price: around 30 euro

CSL Wireless PS4 Gamepad on Amazon*

All features: The CSL Wireless Controller has all the features you expect from a PS4 controller: from the light bar to the motion sensor and from the vibration function to the 3.5mm headphone jack, it’s all there. Wireless use via Bluetooth also works without any problems. Unfortunately, the battery is a bit small at 500 mAh.

Minor handling flaws: The CSL Wireless Gamepad basically does its job reliably, with the buttons there’s hardly any difference to the Dualshock. At best, the analog sticks react a little more sensitively. Also, the CSL doesn’t feel as good in the hand as the Dualshock, the grips are a little too angled. But you can get used to it.

Numbers instead of symbols: It’s also worth noting that the buttons on the right side are labeled with numbers instead of the usual symbols. Experienced PlayStation gamers won’t care, they know what to press without looking. However, if you hand the CSL to another player in local multiplayer who doesn’t own a PlayStation themselves, they may get a little confused.

Conclusion: The CSL can’t quite keep up with the Dualshock, but it’s also cheaper and still not too far behind in terms of quality. Compared to the Nacon Compact, which is in the same price range, it offers many additional features. However, the Nacon feels a bit better in the hand. Whether the CSL is the best choice mainly depends on how much you value its functionality and wireless operation.

CSL Wireless PS4 Gamepad on Amazon*

* This buying guide is not commissioned by an advertising partner, but a list of recommendations. The offers listed here are provided with so-called affiliate links. With a purchase through one of these links, you support GamePro: We receive a small commission from the supplier without affecting the price. Do you have any suggestions for articles to include? Feel free to write them in the comments.

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