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IKEA LEAD listed online will cost around 70 euros



IKEA LEAD listed online will cost around 70 euros

IKEA’s new smart home hub, the DIRIGERA, will launch in October. We followed a few pages and now discovered the first listing at IKEA in Norway.

So far there has been no price, 699 Norwegian kroner is due, which would be equivalent to 72 euros. The hub was also briefly listed in Spain – for 69 euros.

The new Dirigera hub is 2.7cm tall and has a diameter of 11.2cm. This makes it about half the height and only slightly wider than the old Trådfri footbridge. The Dirigera also relies on WiFi, Zigbee and Thread, allowing it to act as a Thread border router once everything is up. The new hub is equipped with an Ethernet port and a USB-C socket for power supply. The Dirigera hub is enabled by Matter. Matter is a connection standard designed to support many different product types and use cases and to create a kind of consistency.

It is important to know that a new IKEA Home Smart app will also appear in October. Trådfri gateway owners will not be able to use the new app and the gateway will not be updated to support Matter. However, the current gateway and smart home app will continue to be supported and receive security updates and fixes for “at least three years”, according to IKEA. IKEA’s old gateway therefore remains functional – the old hardware can also work on the Dirigera if desired.

IKEA also plans to offer remote access from outside the home in the first half of 2023. Until now, this was only possible using third-party integration such as HomeKit.

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