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Samsung Galaxy Tab S8: the August patch is distributed



Samsung Galaxy Tab S8: the August patch is distributed


Quickly switch between apps
A taskbar now appears at the bottom of the screen for faster navigation between applications.

Quickly open apps in split-screen mode or in a pop-up window
However, the most convenient way for you is to swipe apps from the taskbar or recent apps screen to open them. Swipe them up, down, left, or right on the screen to open them in split-screen mode. Drag them to the center of the screen to open them in a pop-up window.

Quickly open app pairs
Pair frequently used apps, then add them to the Start screen or taskbar so you can open them with just a touch in split-screen mode.

Easily switch from pop-up view to split-screen view
When using an app in pop-up view, tap the split-screen button in the window marker. If you want, you can open a second app next to the first one.

Change view with a gesture
Switch between full-screen view and split-screen view by swiping with two fingers from the left, right, or bottom of the screen. Switch between full-screen view and pop-up view by swiping from any of the top corners of the screen with one finger. Gestures can be enabled or disabled in settings.

Show app names in app side panel
Enable “Show app name” to show app names under app icons.

Extract and digitize text

Extract text from an image or screen
Extract text using Samsung keyboard, web, gallery or when taking a screenshot. Copy the result into a message, email or document instead of typing the text.
Korean, English, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Spanish and Chinese texts can be extracted.

Get text-based recommendations in images
When text is included in an image in Gallery, Camera, or other apps, actions are recommended based on the text. For example, if you take a picture of a sign with a phone number or web address on it, you can tap it to call the number or open the site.

New call options

Just see who’s calling
Set a different caller background for each contact so you can see who’s calling at a glance.

Video calls with Google Meet
Google Duo has been merged with Google Meet. You can now participate in one-to-one video calls and video conferences with a group of people directly from Google Meet.

Express yourself with the Samsung keyboard

Rearrange Expression Buttons
Touch and hold emojis, stickers, and other buttons to rearrange them.

Enter Kaomoji directly from the keyboard
Spice up your chats and texts with preset Japanese-inspired facial expressions created with keyboard icons. (*^.^*)

More improvements

More efficient search in “My Documents”
Choose whether you want to search all files or only files in the current folder. You can choose to search only by file name or by information contained in files, such as text in documents or location information in images. Once the search is complete, you can sort the results by name, date, size, or file type.

Drag and drop favorites from one folder to another
Organize your favorites on Samsung Internet by dragging and dropping them from folder to folder.

Change wallpaper collection for your lock screen
After selecting a group of images as your lock screen wallpapers, you can easily add or remove images later.

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