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Start of the technical conversion of TV frequencies



Vodafone: disturbances in Baden-Württemberg

As announced, Vodafone is starting to change frequency. This is intended to standardize the frequency spectrum, which has so far been used differently in different regions. According to the company, up to 350 television and radio stations will receive a new frequency on the Vodafone network. The conversion for 13 million TV customers is taking place nationwide and gradually over several months, starting on the night of August 29. to 30.8. in Nürnberg. In order to receive the program lineup as usual, a channel search is required after the change. In many cases, this is done automatically by the TV receiver. After the switch to Nuremberg, the frequency change will then take place gradually in the regional TV technology locations over a period of several months and should be completed by mid-2023.

The other conversion dates in 2022 (excerpt) are:

Berlin (from 22/09/2022), Bremen (07/09/2022), Dresden (26/10/2022), Düsseldorf (20/10/2022), Essen (19/10/2022), Hamburg ( from 10/25/2022), Hannover (from 11/09/2022). ), Leipzig (from 20.9.2022), Mainz (13.10.), Munich (from 6.9.2022), Saarbrücken (from 9.11.), Stuttgart (09.11. 2022).

TV customers can find out when their place of residence will switch by searching for addresses at All conversion dates up to February 2023 are currently stored in the database. Data for the next period will be added.

Receivers from Vodafone, Unitymedia or Sky as well as modern televisions will automatically find the channels after the change. Vodafone recommends that its customers do not disconnect their cable receivers and cable routers from the power supply at the time of the changeover and check the morning after the changeover whether all channels can be received as before. This should be the norm, especially with Vodafone’s own terminals, as the transmission slots (LCN numbers) do not change. However, with older receivers from other vendors, a channel search may be required. Depending on the device, it may be necessary to adjust favorites lists and reschedule recordings to get everything working as usual.

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