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Amazon Fire TV, Kindle, Echo and Fire tablets are on sale



Amazon Fire TV, Kindle, Echo and Fire tablets are on sale

Many in-house devices are now for sale on Amazon. This applies, for example, to the Amazon Fire TV Cube, the 4th generation Echo with Philips Hue E27 LED and several Kindle and Fire tablet models. The new offers are valid until September 8, 2022.

The Amazon Echo will come first.

The following models are offered:

Note: Prices may still display incorrectly in the preview. This also applies to other offers. Broken down therefore: The 3rd generation Echo Dot fell to around 21.99 euros, that of the 4th generation to 24.99 euros. The Amazon Echo (4th Gen) + Philips Hue Smart LED E27 costs just 69.99 euros and the 1st gen Echo Show 8 costs 69.99 euros. For the 2nd generation Echo Show 8, you would currently have to pay 84.99 euros.

The following Amazon Kindles have dropped in price:

Here, too, the prices are briefly explained before wondering about the preview: The Amazon Kindle Kids Edition (10th generation, 8 GB, ad-free) costs 59.99 euros, the Kindle Paperwhite (11th generation, 8 GB, with advertising) 94.99 euros and the Kindle Paperwhite Kids (11th generation, 8 GB, without advertising) at 119.99 euros. Then there’s the Kindle Oasis (10th Gen, 8GB, ad-free) for $189.99.

These Amazon Fire TVs are currently on sale:

Here, the Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite costs only 19.99 euros, while the Fire TV Stick is available at 22.99 euros. The Fire TV Stick 4K drops to €29.99. The two flagships, the Fire TV 4K Max and the Fire TV Cube, are now priced at €39.99 and €59.99 respectively.

The following Fire tablets are currently less expensive:

Here too, the preview is likely to initially distort some prices. In any case, the Amazon Fire 7 tablet (2022, 16 GB, with advertising) currently costs 44.99 euros. The Fire HD 8 tablet (2020, 32 GB, with advertising) costs 49.99 euros. In the case of the Fire 7 Kids tablets (2022, 16 GB, without advertising), it is 59.99 euros. On the other hand, the price of the Fire HD 8 Kids Tablet (2020, 32 GB, without ads) drops to 64.99 euros and that of the Fire HD 8 Kids Pro (2020, 32 GB, without ads) to 64.99 euros . The Fire HD 10 (2021, 32 GB, with advertising) is currently at 94.99 euros. The Fire HD 10 Kids (2021, 32 GB, ad-free) is also available for 139.99 euros. Finally, the price of 139.99 euros applies to the Fire HD 10 Kids Pro (2021, 32 GB, without advertising).

Maybe there is something for you. There may also be other models that have been reduced in price and which I have overlooked. If in doubt, browse again to see if the template you want is included.

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