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Combine the Samsung GamingDea!s and SuperHe!den promotion



Combine the Samsung GamingDea!s and SuperHe!den promotion

I had already mentioned this: Samsung is currently running its so-called GamingDea!s. Depending on the device purchased, you will receive cashback or a bonus smartphone, depending on the device you purchased. Soundbars and TVs participate. I knocked it out myself and bought the Samsung HW-Q995B soundbar. I am currently still struggling with the refund process as Samsung does not like my Accent at all and registration has become a challenge. But I digress: the South Koreans point out that you can combine GamingDea!s with the SuperHe!den promotion.

In this way, you remove two offers at the same time. Then you get a smartphone and the corresponding cashback amount of up to 200 euros when you buy a TV. For this to work, you need to register separately for both campaigns:

While the GamingDea!s still allow purchases until September 4, 2022 and registration until September 18, 2022, the SuperHe!den campaign runs until September 25, 2022. There are different Neo QLEDs with 4K and 8K as well as the internal QD OLED TV. It should be noted that only devices with a German model code that are available from participating retailers, e.g. B., MediaMarkt and Saturn.

In order to receive the cashback bonus, registration is then required by October 9, 2022 at the latest in the case of the SuperHe!den campaign. The cashback amount is usually transferred within 45 working days after a valid registration. Each household can participate with a maximum of two promotional devices.

Since I bought the HW-Q995B soundbar myself, as mentioned at the beginning, I will provide you with a small comparison report – because so far I have traveled with the 2019 flagship, the Samsung HW-Q90R. You will soon read here in the blog if the upgrade was worth it.

# Insight product Price

Samsung Crystal UHD 4K TV AU7199 43 inches (GU43AU7199UXZG), HDR, Q-Symphony,...

Samsung Crystal UHD 4K TV AU7199 43 inches (GU43AU7199UXZG), HDR, Q-Symphony,…


55-inch Samsung Crystal UHD 4K TV (GU55AU8079UXZG), HDR, AirSlim,...

55-inch Samsung Crystal UHD 4K TV (GU55AU8079UXZG), HDR, AirSlim,…


Samsung 55-inch Q60A 4K QLED TV (GQ55Q60AAUXZG), Quantum HDR, Quantum Processor...

55-inch Samsung QLED 4K Q60A TV (GQ55Q60AAUXZG), Quantum HDR, Quantum Processor…


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