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Introducing new sensors and actuators as well as the Eyes II indoor camera



Introducing new sensors and actuators as well as the Eyes II indoor camera

New sensors and actuators have already been presented for the Bosch Smart Home in recent months: there are the new flush-mounted actuators to control lights and roller shutters, the Bosch II smoke detector or the outdoor siren. These products have one thing in common: they now successively use ZigBee 3.0 as the radio standard, a few more words about this later. As part of the IFA, Bosch has once again expanded its smart home portfolio: new sensors for doors and windows as well as room thermostats and a new indoor camera are included.

Bosch has already updated a smart radiator thermostat to ZigBee 3.0, as well as room thermostats. Room thermostat II measures the room temperature and sets the target temperature of all networked radiator thermostats II in a room. Wireless and therefore completely freely placeable. In addition, humidity is also kept in view. Costs 79.95 euros.

According to the company, the design has also been made more intuitive. The room thermostat II 230V is also new. This directly connects the existing underfloor heating or other heat sources. cost point? €114.99. Of course, like the radiator thermostat, it comes with a number of automation options that can help with efficient heating.

There are two models for Door and Window II contacts. Like its predecessor, these signal the open status of a window or door. This makes it possible to create automatisms and, for example, to regulate the heating. There is also a button that can be freely assigned for automation. A brief suspension of the alarm system would be possible. The magnet is also less noticeable now with 3 millimeters. The Door/Window Contact II is available in white as well as anthracite and costs 42.95 euros, if you buy several you can save a few euros.

The Plus model of the door/window contact II is a little less compact. It also costs a little more at 52.95 euros. Bosch has also included a shock sensor here as an additional safety factor.

The Eyes II indoor camera has already been shown in advance, now Bosch is making it official. It comes with a revised motion sensor. Animals and people can be distinguished with the, for example, so that the camera can be used more sensibly for security-related automation. An integrated siren is also included. Additionally, the camera can be set to privacy mode via touch or app, which lowers the camera lens inside the device.

Cost of the camera: 259.95 euros. The “Audio+” option can be reserved at the subscription prices indicated below. Anyone who purchases this subscription can also have the camera perform audio analysis. Suspicious sounds such as broken glass when windows are smashed or alarm tones from dumb smoke alarm devices when smoke is detected should then be recognized.

Another new product is the Universal Switch II for 49.95 EUR. The Switch won’t be available until December and is also wireless. It comes with four freely assignable keys. These can be freely equipped with scenes and automations. These can be marked with interchangeable symbol stickers.

Bosch maintains its strategy of equipping new sensors and actuators with ZigBee 3.0. Most devices then communicate with HomeKit and, in the future, with Matter via the Bosch Smart Home Controller. In the future, the cameras will also be integrated with HomeKit. The full integration of Matter should take place in the coming year, when the equipment will then also be equipped with the appropriate chipsets.

Price and availability

  • Room thermostat II: from 4th quarter 2022; €79.95
  • Room thermostat II 230 V: from 4th quarter 2022; €114.95
  • Door/window contact II: From September 2022; €42.95 or as a multipack (3 pieces) for €119.95
  • Door/window contact II Plus: from September 2022; €52.95 RRP or as a multipack (2 pieces) for €99.95
  • Eyes II indoor camera: from Q4 2022; €259.95
  • Universal Switch II: from December 2022; €49.95 RRP
  • Audio+: from Q4 2022 in the Bosch Smart Camera app for €1.99/month or €19.99/year. The first 14 days are free, after which you can cancel monthly.

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