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tado° Balance wants to reduce your energy expenditure



tado° Balance wants to reduce your energy expenditure

Smart indoor climate management provider tado° today introduced tado° Balance to reduce home energy costs and pave the way for renewable energy. Usage assumes of course that you may not be paying for your energy 24 hours a day, but have a time-varying tariff. If there is a lot of wind and solar power in the grid, electricity prices can go down.

tado° Balance precisely takes advantage of these periods of low energy prices to cool or heat the house while maintaining the desired temperature range (tado° Balance works with the tado° V3+ smart climate controller and is compatible with more than 500 air-to-air heat pumps.) Electric cars already use charging systems that only charge the car at night or when prices are cheap.

With tado° Balance, the air conditioner or heat pump does the same thing, shifting consumption to periods when prices are cheap. But you don’t do it for free with tado°, you’ve paid for everything: tado° Balance is available for Android and iOS from today. The service can be booked via the tado° app for EUR 3.99 per month or EUR 29.99 per year. Users can also test out Balance with a one-month free trial.

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