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Amazon Alexa: dynamic language selection for Android users



Amazon Alexa: dynamic language selection for Android users

Alexa is now also bilingual for Android users: anyone using the Alexa app on Android devices can now update the app to the latest version and ask Alexa to speak in two languages. This can make it easier for bilingual customers to communicate with Alexa.

And if that’s not enough for you, you can start with Oktoberfest:

“Alexa, how many days until Oktoberfest?”
Alexa warms up for the Wiesn – and counts the days in Bavarian until she finally says: O’zapft is!

“Alexa, can you yodel?”
The fun can come – and Alexa is happy to “musically” prepare for it. It’s best to relax your vocal chords and participate.

“Alexa, play Oktoberfest music.”
Of course, good rocking music should not be missing to toast.

“Alexa, can you growl? »
Yes, sappralott, how long until Oktoberfest? When Alexa loses patience, resentment rings out in the best dialect.

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