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These are the new widgets



These are the new widgets

iOS 16 for your iPhones is just around the corner – and chances are a lot of apps will come equipped with the ability to use the new iOS 16 features. Even Google is always quick to charm iOS users with the latest features. iOS innovations for Google apps have already been announced.

Looking for a quick answer? Starts Google search directly from the lock screen. Users can even configure the search widget to start searching with their voice or camera – to translate, get help with homework, or buy what they see.

Chrome offers that too, you get access to voice search, incognito mode, the browser itself – and even dino play is on board.

Google Drive? Opens a suggested Drive file or favorite files and folders with a single click.

Google Maps is also included. The Maps Frequent Trips widget provides users with real-time traffic information and estimated travel times to places like home or work right on their lock screen. If you want to start driving, tap the widget and start navigation. Users can also find restaurants, stores and other favorite places nearby.

Unfortunately, the Gmail service does not natively push into third-party apps, so many can use the Gmail app. You now have widgets ready, let’s see how they work.

Last but not least: you can also check Google News.

At the end of the day, however, you have to remember: Space for widgets is limited, so you won’t have much left. Many apps are vying for the spotlight.

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