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Amazon Prime is giving you the light album package right now and it’s in



Amazon Prime is giving you the light album package right now and it's in

You can now get shield and more for AC Valhalla with Prime.

Amazon Prime Gaming not only offers free games that change every month, but also gives you loot for titles you might be playing right now. This is now the case with Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. For the current AC offshoot, you currently get the so-called light album package.

That’s how it works and that’s what’s in it

Everything revolves around this: Prime Gaming is included for anyone with a Prime membership on Amazon. The Light Albums Pack is available for free to all members and can be accessed on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation consoles, as well as Stadia and Amazon Luna. To redeem the reward, you need to link your game and your Amazon accounts.

This is in the lightweight album packaging:

  • Yggdrasil Leaf: A lightweight shield that not only looks nice and delicate, but also increases headshot damage after blocking.
  • Sol’s gift: A golden arc of light that increases ranged damage when aiming while moving rather than standing still.
  • Light Albums Settlement Packwhich you can use to decorate in the elvish way.

New DLC coming soon

There’s a lot going on in Assassin’s Creed right now. Over the weekend, the Ubi Forward Showcase was devoted to new announcements regarding the series. Several games for consoles, PC and mobile were presented at the same time. The next title in the series is called Mirage and gets a protagonist already known from Valhalla. Click here for the roundup article with all Forward news.

And here you can watch a trailer of the last chapter on Eivor:

Assassin's Creed Valhalla - The Last Chapter DLC concludes Eivor's story


Assassin’s Creed Valhalla – The Last Chapter DLC concludes Eivor’s story

Additionally, Valhalla will receive final DLC that will complete Eivor’s story. The final chapter will be released for free and will take our Viking heroine – or Viking hero – to new shores. This trip should also mend some loose threads. It was also revealed that we will meet historical figures again.

Do you buy the light elf package and already use Prime Gaming loot in general?

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