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New entry-level model of the smart no-frills electric speedster



New entry-level model of the smart no-frills electric speedster

We have already reported on the Berlin electric scooter manufacturer unu. During my IFA trip to Berlin, I was able to spot one or another scooter from the manufacturer. With the unu Scooter Move, a new “starter model” is on the horizon. Replace the 3000 watt model with a 2000 watt model. The smart functionality of the now so-called Pro model is also removed.

The unu Scooter Move has the usual design. Technical features have been revised on the scooter, including a double swingarm and a larger, higher-contrast display with an LED panel. In addition to speed, the display also shows battery status and kilometers traveled. With the new suspension, one of the few critical points of the predecessor is being solved – one seems to have a listening ear for customer feedback.

In terms of autonomy, everything remains the same: 50 kilometers with one battery, 100 kilometers with two – including 33 liters of storage space under the saddle. A battery is fully charged in 7 hours. It’s not quite as fancy – but it doesn’t have to be – and therefore shouldn’t be compatible with the previous model.

Instead of a Bosch motor, the Unu Move has one from QS Motors. In return, you have to deal with a little less performance. However, the maximum speed is still 45 km/h. This means that the scooter can also be used with a driver’s license. In addition, you will do without the unu app and the Bluetooth connection. Instead of a key card and app, a key is used here to operate the scooter. So you’re thinking about the basics here – minus the clever stuff. And some people may be happy not to rely on cloud apps and connectivity.

To what extent the misplaced preferences justify this small price increase, I cannot judge. The Pro model is still available, let’s see if there will be a review in the near future – with a new screen and a new suspension. The Unu Move costs a little more than its more powerful and clever predecessor: 3,499 euros are due here. Delivery will take place within the next 3 weeks.


Up to 100 km (50 km per battery)

storage space

Gross storage space: 45L
2 batteries + 33 l. (for 2 helmets or your belongings)


Made for 2 people. Folding footrests and handle for your passenger.

Bench length: 73 cm

top speed



1.81 kWh lithium ion (LG)
Portable, 10.45 kg
Durability 7-10 years / 1000 charge cycles


Charger 200-240V
Maximum charging time 7 hours


No local broadcast
The only climate-neutrally produced e-scooter on the German market

open close

Key with on, off and seat button


3 color LED display

size + weight

Dimensions (WxHxD): 182cm x 106cm x 68cm
Weight: 77kg


QS Motors brushless electric motor (in rear wheel)
Maximum power: 2kW


Hydraulic disc brakes (front and rear)


10″ front wheel, 10″ rear wheel

Driving license

Driving license B)

billing fees

Less than €1/100km

gear switch

1 mode, 1 speed

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