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Therefore, unlike the PS5, the Xbox will not be more expensive



Therefore, unlike the PS5, the Xbox will not be more expensive

According to Microsoft, there should still be no price increase for the Xbox Series X/S.

A few weeks ago, Sony increased the price of the PS5 by around 50 euros. The company cited the global economic situation as the reason. The announcement by Microsoft that there will be no price increase for the Xbox Series X/S at this time was all the more gratifying.

But what is the current situation? In a chat with Squawk Asia, Xbox boss Phil Spencer has now explained whether he’ll stand by that statement or Microsoft will follow Sony’s trend. The result is in our favour.

Xbox Series X/S remains stable for now

Spencer revealed that the company is constantly being re-evaluated and it cannot be ruled out that there will ever be a price increase in the distant future. But currently there is No project for the fact that the price of consoles will increase:

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Spencer thus confirms what an Xbox employee has already revealed. The price of the Xbox Series X / S will therefore really not change in the coming period. This means that in the near future the following prices will apply:

  • Xbox Series X: 499 euros
  • Xbox Series S: 299 euros

Meanwhile, the Xbox Series X isn’t as limited as it was when it first released. The console can currently be purchased at an RRP. We tell you in our GamePro overview article which retailers you should look for for the Xbox Series X:

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Buy Xbox Series X: now available on MediaMarkt and OTTO [Anzeige]

Reasons for price stability

Why are Xbox Series X/S prices holding steady? As a reason for the constant price, Spencer says customers are facing difficult economic situations and have become more insecure in many areas of life. It wouldn’t be “the right move” for Microsoft to raise Xbox Series X/S prices during these times.

Another reason could also be that Microsoft has never made big profits from the Xbox consoles themselves. On the contrary, the profits are generated by the sale of the games. The Xbox Game Pass is also a big flagship that boosts Microsoft’s sales numbers. So the company may not even need to adjust the price of the consoles.

What do you think of the claim that the Xbox Series X/S price won’t initially increase?

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