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Turtle Beach React-R: I tried the controller designed for Xbox



Turtle Beach React-R: I tried the controller designed for Xbox

Turtle Beach unveiled a new Design controller for Xbox this summer. This is a wired controller for Xbox or Windows with a number of features that price-conscious gamers will surely be happy to accept. I played around with the controller a bit and got an idea.

First off, I have to say that I’m primarily an Xbox/PS5 gamer and sporadically spend time gaming on the gaming laptop. I mostly use the standard Xbox Series X controller and the Xbox Wireless Elite 2 I am more than satisfied with both. Weight, feel, functionality, workmanship – almost everything suits me. If I put the React-R next to it, which in my case comes in a combination of white and purple, the differences are immediately apparent.

This is mainly due to the location of the buttons. The React-R has a few more that sit above the Xbox button. There are special audio elements to enhance the gaming experience. Let’s start with the button on the far left. In order for you to be able to use the controls profitably, the logical condition is that you have connected a headset with a plug to the controller.

If you then press the button on the far left of a game, you activate the so-called superhuman hearing. What it does The feature isn’t new, and Turtle Beach users are already familiar with it from headsets. The feature amplifies soft sounds like your opponent’s footsteps or reloading etc. This can be an advantage in PvP when chasing around a house looking for an opponent. It works, but you really have to be able to befriend it.

Because: The amplification alienates the sound and you ultimately lose something of the gaming experience. So it’s a decision for the benefit or for the faithful sound in the game. Everyone will have to decide for themselves.

The middle button lets you adjust the volume of game or party chat sounds via the D-Pad. You can also use it to program buttons. It’s quick and easy. The last button in the group is the microphone mute button. The rest of the controller layout is pretty much the same as a regular Xbox controller, except for the two programmable buttons on the back.

But the three audio buttons and two additional triggers aren’t the only difference. The choice of material and the pressure points of the buttons are also different, they are not quite on the quality level of an Xbox controller. The keys sound a bit louder and the plastic feels a bit cheaper. Overall, that’s the only thing, the finish is very good in my opinion. No weird gaps or anything like that. It’s also worth mentioning that the triggers and bumpers are slightly larger than on the normal Xbox controller. It’s a welcome change to the game.

In use, the React-R also works flawlessly. Of course, it’s different when you’re hooked up to the Xbox with a long cord. You have to accept trade-offs when it comes to freedom of movement. But putting that aside, the React-R is a good alternative to the regular controller, with a few extra features that can definitely make a difference in PvP if you’re into shooters a lot. After four weeks of use, there are no signs of fatigue.

Are you looking for a controller and have no problem handling a cable? Then the React-R is your model of choice. If you want to criticize something about the Turtle Beach model, it’s probably the choice of materials, but somehow you have to find the attractive price of just under 40 euros, is it not?

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