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Criticisms of delays, losses or incorrect throws



The Federal Network Agency determines the undersupply of telecommunications services

In July and August, the Federal Network Agency received 6,500 complaints about Deutsche Post. During the six months of the first half of 2022, 8,900 complaints were received by post. Throughout 2021, there were 15,100 complaints.

While the numbers could obviously increase slightly, the criticisms remain the same. Delayed or even lost parcels and letters are the main points, incorrect shipments are also criticized.

According to the media, Berlin, Nuremberg and Munich, but also smaller cities such as Freudenstadt in Baden-Württemberg, Ingelheim in Rhineland-Palatinate and Northeim in Lower Saxony were “particularly affected”. The Federal Network Agency launched 14 tests and asked Deutsche Post DHL to remedy the shortcomings.

This explains the problems of lack of skilled workers, staff vacancies and absences due to illness. Other service providers for parcels and letters have also come under criticism, but Deutsche Post DHL is by far the market leader.

Approximately one billion letters are sent every month in Germany.

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