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Four FRITZ!Box models get a new lab version



In a few weeks for the first AVM products

AVM has released a new lab version for four FRITZ!Box models. You are slowly but surely turning home directly to FRITZ!OS 7.50, so it can happen that the number of lab versions is somewhat higher.

Now users can use a FRITZ!Box 6690 Cable, 6591, 6660 and the FRITZ!Box 7530. As always, if you are already using a lab version, you can directly download the update including changelogs .

AVM fixed some bugs – in some scenarios low transfer rates were reached when transferring large amounts of data (only 6591, 6660, 6690). Network pairings via WireGuard have also been extended to include NetBIOS filtering, data traffic, and device selection options.

SMB shares, file and printer shares in Microsoft Windows and other NetBIOS-based applications were not possible over a WireGuard VPN connection, and this has also been fixed.

How to install a lab version on the FritzBox

  1. Read and confirm the information displayed on the AVM Lab page of your FRITZ!Box.
  2. Click “Download” and save the file to your computer.
  3. Unzip the lab file (*.zip).
  4. Perform the update via the FRITZ!Box user interface and select “View: Advanced” in the footer.
  5. Select “System/Update” from the menu.
  6. Select the “FRITZ!OS File” tab. Save your FRITZ!Box settings. The execution must also be confirmed.
  7. Use “Select File” to select the firmware file you downloaded earlier.
  8. Click “Start Update”.
  9. Follow the instructions on the screen.

The “Info” LED on the FRITZ!Box flashes during the update process. This expires when the update process is complete. Be patient, this process may take a few minutes. As soon as the update is complete, the FRITZ!Box is restarted and is operational again.

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