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Active aging: activity does wonders for your health

Physically and mentally demanding Activities do wonders for the health of people of all ages. Research shows that an asset way of life – the maintenance of strength, endurance, balance and agility (mental and physical) – which, with the increase age associated challenges.

Active aging is the best way to age, nurse says Janejira Chaiyasit. In a stream Message of Columbia University Irving Medical Center (CUIMC), the senior adult health expert shares simple active aging habits that she says breathe life into the years.

Stay physically and mentally active

Active aging is not about movement straining or overexercising. The only rule for active aging is to stay physically and mentally active as much as possible. And don’t compare yourself to others: what’s easy for one can be exhausting for another.

Spend more time outdoors

An analysis of over 100 studies found that green spaces are good for mental and physical health, whether you play sports or just exercise Nature enjoy.

An easy walk around the block provides sunlightfresh air and opportunities to cultivate social skills that are good for your mental health and brain function.

Increase physical activity

You don’t have to run a marathon; Research shows that even a slight increase in physical activity improves both mental and physical activity physical benefits HAS.

Maintain social contacts

Every conversation counts. Living longer can mean surviving friends and family members. Studies show that social interaction is essential for good health.

Meet with others in the park or in a cafe converseinstead of sitting at home with your thoughts is wonderful for all aspects of health.

Chaiyasit advises his patients not to view active aging as a sport or as a way to lose weight. Think of it as a way to pay attention to and take advantage of physical and behavioral tendencies mindfulnessto manage aging and choose healthy habits.

Active aging is the best way to age

Aging doesn’t have to be a negative experience. There will be physical and financial limitations, but there are simple ways around this. better do it and be happy.

Life isn’t over when you reach a milestone birthday. Active aging is a strategy to help you feel great year after year by filling your days with activities for your brain and your Body to fill.

Physical activity is a bodily movement that requires muscular effort and consumes more energy than rest.

mental activity is anything that keeps the mind active: reading, solving puzzles, cooking from a new recipe, knitting, volunteering, learning a new skill, etc.

Ask your doctor about the best ways to take care of your physical, emotional and social life welfare sustain. Tell them about your goals and your idea of ​​wellness. Active aging is highly individualized. (ad)

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