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The Board Game” announced by Steamforged Games



The Board Game” announced by Steamforged Games

The game “Elden Ring” (here is my test) from FromSoftware is being implemented as a board game. As announced by Steamforged Games, a Kickstarter campaign will be launched soon. You can already follow the campaign here, but it hasn’t started yet. It is promised that the title’s difficult fights will also appear in the board game – without having to roll dice for skirmishes.

In the coming months, the board game’s developers want to share more news with the community. Steamforged Games is not a newcomer, as it has already published card and board games for other video games such as “Dark Souls”, “Horizon Zero Dawn” or “Resident Evil”. The board game for “Elden Ring” should be suitable for up to four players, who can then also visit well-known locations in the game.

They want to stay true to the video game vibe and satisfy FromSoftware game fans. So they have once again teamed up with publisher Bandai Namco for the new board game.

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