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The hackers behind the mega leak wanted to blackmail Rockstar



The hackers behind the mega leak wanted to blackmail Rockstar

The hacker responsible for the leaks wanted to blackmail Rockstar.

In a true mega leak, 90 gameplay videos of an early build of the upcoming GTA 6 action game were released over the weekend. But that’s not all. All around is a developed story that feels a bit like a thriller and should be a real nightmare for developers, even though Rockstar has since announced in an official statement that the development of GTA 6 is not in danger.

Hacker Tea Pot (or teapotuberhacker, as the person calls himself in the GTAForums) meanwhile said that in addition to the videos, he also owns the game’s source code and wants to negotiate a “deal”. Along the way, there was a lot of confusion and excitement about possible sales of the stolen source code and 5-6 figure sums. We unravel the whole affair for you and report what happened in detail.

Hacker threatens Rockstar and Take-Two

Everything revolves around this: Said hacker posted the massive collection of gameplay videos to the GTAForums on Saturday night and hinted that more footage may emerge.

Although the videos show a very early and unfinished version of the game, which may be more than a year old, some information can still be gleaned from the material, which also coincides with clues that have appeared as rumors at the advance. Here is our summary:

GTA 6: rumors and leaks about the release, setting, map + Co.


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Hacker threatens Rockstar and Take-Two: But that’s not all. As journalist and insider Tom Henderson reports in a Twitter thread, the Tea Pot hacker then tried to talk to Rockstar and Take-Two employees via Telegram and email. In an update to the post, Tea Pot mentions the possibility of leaking source code and assets for GTA 5 and GTA 6, among other things.

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Henderson also shares an alleged Telegram conversation between Tea Pot and someone posing as a GTA 6 developer. During the chat, the hacker again claims to have the game’s source code. When asked for proof, Tea Pot explains that the IT department itself can check the log files of the hacked communication tool, i.e. see if anything has been downloaded from them.

Here is Rockstar’s official statement on the matter:

GTA 6 Mega Leak - Rockstar Releases Statement


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Confusion over $100,000 payment

Tea Pot later states that the source code for GTA 6 is not currently for sale, but the source code for GTA 5 and the original uncompressed assets of GTA 6 i.e. textures, models of characters and also the audio files, are for sale. Additionally, the hacker warns to submit at least five-figure bids.

Payment alleged: Twitter user and author of RockstarINTEL Ben (@videotech_) then states that a six-digit sum was even called for the source code. The author’s tweet was documented by and shows a transaction in which a tidy sum of Bitcoin changed hands, equivalent to approximately $100,556.

Probably a fake: For his part, however, Tea Pot clarifies that it was not about his wallet. Ben later explains that there is currently a lot of fake news and fake blockchain transactions going around. It is therefore doubtful that the documented payment is truly genuine. Twitter accounts of people impersonating Tea Pot have also surfaced. Some people probably felt their chance to cash in on the leak.

Telegram account probably deleted: By the way, there was also a new development regarding the hacker’s real Telegram account. Tom Henderson added in his Twitter feed that the account had been deleted, according to unconfirmed reportsbecause the whereabouts of the hacker had been revealed.

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