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Update to Nothing OS 1.1.4 released



Update to Nothing OS 1.1.4 released

Nothing continues to work on the operating system of its smartphone, the Nothing phone (1). I have already submitted it to a detailed test report and it has become one of my favorite Android smartphones so far. With Android 13 this will unfortunately take some time, but at least there are new improvements and a few features with each update. This is also the case with the update to Nothing OS version 1.1.4. Of course, some bug fixes and stability improvements have also been incorporated. And: The current September Android security patch is also in the game.

New and indeed overdue, if one writes so big “ecosystem” on the flag: Improved integration of TWS earphones. The Nothing(1) ear is the company’s first headset, with more expected to follow in the not-too-distant future with the Nothing(1) Stick ear. It is possible that the now supported LHDC codec will cast its shadow in the update.

Until now, Nothing has relied on an app to control the headphones, at least on the internal smartphone, ANC modes and all other options are controlled directly in the operating system. If you installed the ear(1) application, it will disappear. The tile for connected devices gives you shortcuts to active noise cancellation and transparency modes. All app options are then integrated into the Bluetooth settings.

If you are one of those people who prefer 3-button navigation to gestures, you now have the option to reverse the order of these. Further innovations are once again granted to the camera. A special watermark with the company logo has been integrated, which probably will not be used by anyone (in this country). Plus, they’re working on another point of criticism that I also voiced at the time: color consistency and calibration between the ultra-wide-angle camera and the main camera. They also improved a motion detection algorithm that comes into play when photographing moving objects. And for HDR shots from the ultra-wide-angle camera, shutter speeds have been improved.

Also nothing provides more details in its changelog. Battery consumption has been improved – in general and for always-on display. The face unlock algorithm has also been improved. Bug fixes include network issues with some network operators. Another issue that incorrectly declared incoming calls as “unknown” has been fixed.

As usual, Nothing OS 1.1.4 will only be released in batches. It has already arrived here, but it may take you a few more days. Let us know in the comments how satisfied you are as a Nothing user with the current update and the improvements and advancements made by the manufacturer.

New features

  • New option to flip the 3 button navigation bar.
  • All features of the Ear(1) app are now integrated into Nothing OS. Customize gesture controls and change noise cancellation mode and more in quick settings and settings.
  • Now supports LHDC high definition audio.

Camera improvements

  • New option to add Nothing themed watermark to camera app.
  • Improved ultra-wide camera color calibration and increased color consistency between main and ultra-wide sensors.
  • New motion detection algorithm added for better stability when shooting moving objects.
  • Increased shooting speed when using HDR in ultra wide mode.

System improvements

  • September security patch update.
  • Reduced battery consumption for Always On Display and other use cases.
  • Improved thermal performance
  • New UI for system updates.
  • Improved face unlock algorithm.

bug fixes

  • Fixed network issues for some carriers.
  • Fixed an issue causing incoming calls to display as unknown contact.
  • Fixed HDFC Bank app fingerprint issue.
  • General bug fixes.

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