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Aspirin reduces the spread of metastases and increases survival time – healing practice



Effects of aspirin on cancer

aspirin appears to effectively prevent the spread of metastases and the occurrence of vascular complications various forms of cancer to be protected, which is associated with longer survival of those affected.

In a new research study involving experts from the Cardiff University previous medical knowledge about aspirin and cancer was analyzed. The results were published in the English-language journal “Open biology“published.

Main survey sources

According to the team, current knowledge about aspirin and cancer comes from two main sources. On the one hand, investigations into the effect of Aspirin on the biological mechanisms of cancer and on the other hand clinical trials on cancer patients, some of which took aspirin.

in her systematic documentary research the researchers therefore included both types of studies.

Beneficial effects of aspirin?

According to the researchers, the observed effects of aspirin on the biological mechanisms involved in cancer development and growth suggest that aspirin slows cancer progression and reduces mortality from the disease.

However, most of the evidence for a possible beneficial effect of aspirin on cancer comes from observational studies in people with cancer, some of whom 25% took aspirinreports the team.

Overall, the clinical data on aspirin and cancer seem to support Use of aspirin talk. However, it should be noted that the evidence from randomized studies was limited and some of them gave conflicting results.

Aspirin is in current research with a extension of survival time and an Reduce the spread of metastases and the Complications related to blood vessels have been linked to different types of cancer.

The assessment of aspirin as an adjuvant treatment for cancer is based on all available relevant evidence. The researchers add that there was also a marked harmony between the effects of aspirin on the biological mechanisms and on the clinical course of cancer. (as)

Author and source information

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  • Peter Elwood, Majd Protty, Gareth Morgan, Janet Pickering, Christine Delon, John Watkins: Aspirin and Cancer: Biological Mechanisms and Clinical Outcomes; in: Open Biology (published 09/14/2022), Open biology

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