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Deutsche Bahn presents concept train with transparent OLED displays



Deutsche Bahn presents concept train with transparent OLED displays

For the transport technology trade fair InnoTrans 2022, Deutsche Bahn has equipped a concept train with transparent OLED displays from LG for the first time. This innovation is intended for both public transport and long-distance transport. Of course, LG Display is also exhibiting at the show itself and, according to the press email, is showcasing its “transparent OLED” for subways. The underlying smart glass comes from Israel from the Gauzy company and is said to be more sturdy and durable than normal display glass. This could, for example, replace train windows and then be used to display advertising, news, weather forecasts and more in the future.

But the Smart Digital Information Desk doesn’t seem uninteresting either. Here, transparent touch screens are used, on which train customers can, for example, obtain all the information they need about their journey and tourist information. The showcase with its four transparent 55-inch OLEDs is also new. This allows text, images and video content to be displayed in front of the products, making it suitable for, among other things, welcome signs, photo areas or interactive display areas.

In China and Japan, LG Display has been installing the aforementioned transparent OLEDs in subway stations and surface trains for some time. In the future, however, other countries, such as Germany – represented by the presented concept train – should also be supplied with it. Other conceivable areas of application for the technology would also be retail, offices, interior design, etc.

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