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eBay classifieds with a new function and a new limit



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eBay Classifieds (soon to be classifieds only) has introduced a new feature. Although I would say that some users have already seen this function, because the eBay classifieds have been testing it for some time. Select, click – and “Buy directly“: What looks like a classic online shop is now also possible on eBay classifieds.

Prerequisite for the new function: the seller selects the appropriate option when posting a new ad. Buyers will then see another option when opening the ad, in addition to the option to contact the seller – “Buy direct”.

By selecting this option, you can select the shipping method in the next step and pay via “Pay securely” by direct transfer or credit card. Purchase on account will also soon be available for this option. Buyers don’t have to wait for a response from the seller or worry that the goods will be bought by another prospect at the last moment.

Buyers can always contact the seller, for example to clarify questions or to negotiate the price. “Buy direct” is not mandatory.

Another novelty: in addition to the introduction of “direct purchase”, the online classifieds market is increasing this Limit for “Pay safely” at 2,000 euros. This limit also applies to Buy Direct. Until now, the payment function was only available for items up to and including 1,000 euros.

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