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Microsoft loosens DRM restrictions on disc-based games



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Microsoft has unexpectedly implemented a small background improvement with Xbox Series X update 2208: If you install a game on disc for Xbox One, you no longer necessarily need to be online when of the installation. Previously, an internet connection was required to run a compatibility check. But this requirement has been removed.

However, the fact remains that you need to be online to install disc games for Xbox 360. Because the disc is actually only used for verification and the actual game is downloaded. According to Microsoft employees, it must be handled this way because the disk data cannot be used directly. This is not new, it was also done on Xbox One when installing Xbox 360 titles.

Ultimately, however, it will also be a good idea to install most games for the Xbox One when you log in with the Series X: after all, you will mainly find patches that improve the game. There are also games that you can install, but the data on the disk is incomplete. Then, for better or for worse, you will also need to restart the internet connection.

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