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One of the best horror house games is leaving Game Pass soon



One of the best horror house games is leaving Game Pass soon

Face is going to disappear from Game Pass soon – and that’s why you should give it a shot now.

If you want to pay a visit to the spooky house, the secret protagonist of Visage, you’ll have to hurry. The psychological horror game will disappear from Game Pass at the end of the month, so it will unfortunately no longer be part of the lineup in October – and therefore also for Halloween. Here’s why you should absolutely take this creepy PT-inspired trip at the last minute.

What awaits you at Face?

Mirrors revealing hidden passageways, a hole in the floor with protruding organics, a view through a camera revealing hidden drawings, and a ghost girl with her lower jaw missing – we’ll each do this as we explore this corner of the house. first-person horror chilling and morbid discoveries.

However, Visage doesn’t focus primarily on fast-paced staging and jumpscares, but gives us goosebumps with a dense, ominous atmosphere. In this game you can expect more of a scary atmosphere of the subliminal genre, but still menacing. If you want to shoot monsters, this is not the place for you. In order to advance in the game, we mainly have to solve puzzles.

Here is the announcement trailer:

Face - Trailer: The horror game is reminiscent of PT and looks really good


Face – Trailer: The horror game is reminiscent of PT and looks really good

But don’t worry: it never stays silent, as a rather brutal darkness mechanic reminiscent of the Amnesia series ensures constant tension. As soon as you stop in dark places, your character will – more quickly than slowly – go crazy, which will eventually lead to death.

By the way, Visage also entered the top 25 very personal horror games of Chris, Dennis, Tobi and me (Samara). You can read here which titles are still represented in our subjective ranking:

The 25 Best Horror Games: Our Broad, Subjective Ranking


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The 25 Best Horror Games: Our Broad, Subjective Ranking

Speaking of characters: In the three chapters of Visage, you will discover the oppressive and tragic stories of different people who initially fight back. The first two sections take place almost exclusively in the house, which was once a comfortable home but seems to have absorbed the negative energy of the broken families living there and is constantly changing. The third chapter, meanwhile, takes us to a hospital after a short prelude.

If you want to do the spooky adventure for free with the Game Pass, you should budget around 10 hours. By the way, here you can find the list of all the games that were added in September and will leave the service at the end of the month.

samara summer

It’s not for nothing that I nominated Visage for our subjective list of the 25 best horror games. Exploring the spooky house gave me goosebumps and the sometimes quite tricky puzzles combined with the mechanics of darkness were an enjoyable and sweaty challenge.

Face is a bit heavy in some areas. This applies to inventory management, for example. Not only did I find the key assignments a bit difficult to master, but there were also times when an item that I only put down briefly to interact with an object ended up on its own in the basement closet. , to which I had to walk quite a long way had to.

But even with those occasional shortcomings, Visage was a thoroughly worthwhile scary experience for me and a good “substitute” for PT.

Could Visage be something for you? Will you venture into the house of horror before the title leaves Game Pass?

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