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Release of the Windows 11 2022 update: it’s in



Labels for major updates could be simplified

Microsoft has already packed Windows 11 with new features. With the Windows 11 2022 Update, a whole host of innovations are coming. Microsoft is rolling out the update to more than 190 countries today. At the heart of the update: productivity, simplified use as well as security and flexibility. Also on board: various performance and battery optimizations.

The 2022 update also includes accessibility improvements. These include the option of system-wide live captions which are automatically generated based on the audio. Voice Access, which operates the PC by voice, is also starting in the preview, and natural-sounding voices are in the starting blocks with Natural Voices. At the moment, of course, everything is only in English, of course.

In terms of security, they also want to have improved. This includes smart app control (requires clean install). It should allow you to download all apps without worrying. With Smart App Control, untrusted or unsigned apps can’t run malicious scripts or macros. Innovations also come with Microsoft Defender SmartScreen: you can see when users enter their Microsoft login data into malicious apps or hacked websites. Windows Hello for Business also comes with optional presence detection.

Instant layouts have also been overhauled. They should further improve multitasking, also using touch controls. Additionally, multiple Microsoft Edge browser tabs can be organized.

In October, File Explorer will also have tabs:

Windows 11 2022 Update also introduces Focus and Do Not Disturb sessions. This is to minimize distractions. Once the focus session starts, notifications are disabled and taskbar badges and taskbar app notifications are disabled. Focus is also built into the clock app. A timer for concentration is automatically started and reminders to take breaks.

Something should also be done in the gaming sector. Performance optimizations and lower latency are built in. Additionally, Auto HDR and Variable Refresh Rate are unlocked in games. Game Pass is integrated directly through the Xbox app, the Microsoft Store has been redesigned. And: The partnership with Amazon and the App Store Preview now brings Android apps to international markets.

You also get more power over the start menu and its suggestions:

More innovation? Provided the appropriate hardware is available, Windows Studio Effects brings enhanced video and audio calling and, in addition to new creative tools, also includes additional gaming features. For example, there’s Voice Focus, which filters out background noise, and Background Blur. Eye contact and automatic framing with the next camera in case of movement are also included. Clipchamp aims to simplify video editing on Windows with ready-to-use templates and effects.

The update is available through the usual Windows update channels. Including built-in Windows Update functionality:

Windows now schedules update installations for specific times of the day when a greater proportion of electricity is fed into the grid from low-carbon sources. Changes have also been made to the default screen sleep and off settings to reduce carbon emissions when the PC is idle.

In addition to annual updates, new Windows updates with new functions can also be expected from time to time. For example, in October with the new tabbed file explorer. The following new features will also follow in October:

  • File Explorer improvements, including the introduction of File Explorer tabs to help you organize your File Explorer sessions just like in Microsoft Edge. The new File Explorer home page gives you quick access to your favorite and recent files, you can pin important files for quick and easy access, even with at-a-glance information about what colleagues are doing on your shared files with the power of OneDrive and personalized suggestions based on your Microsoft 365 account.
  • Photos app: With an update to the Photos app in Windows 11, we’ll introduce a new photo management experience that features a beautiful gallery and makes it easier to browse, find, manage, and consume your photo collection. Moreover, you can easily back up your photos with OneDrive, enjoy powerful experiences on Windows devices, and provide an engaging “Memories” experience.
  • Suggested actions when copying: Copy phone numbers and future appointments and get suggested actions, e.g. For example, make a call using Teams or Skype, or add an appointment in the calendar app.
  • Taskbar overflow: The taskbar provides an entry point for an overflow menu that allows you to view all overflowing applications in one place.
  • Share with more devices: Discover more devices, including desktop computers, and share them with Nearby Share.

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