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Spotify launches audiobook sales



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Music streaming service Spotify now also sells audiobooks. So far, however, only customers in the United States can access it. A new user interface has also been introduced, designed for listening to audiobooks.

Starting today, in addition to music and podcasts, users in the US can also find audiobooks on Spotify as a section in their library, in search, and in their organized recommendations in Home.

Audiobooks appear with a padlock icon on the play button to indicate that they must be purchased in order to listen to them. Users who discover audiobooks in the Spotify app can purchase them through a website.

When they return to Spotify, the book is automatically saved to their library and can be listened to at any time. Nearly 300,000 audiobooks are currently available on Spotify, Audible has more than double that.

Listeners can download content to listen offline, and the auto bookmark feature remembers where they left off so they can easily pick up again. There’s also a speed control with a variety of options to speed up or slow down the tempo.

It is unclear if Spotify wants to expand to other countries.

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