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STRATO HiDrive: prices will be adjusted



STRATO HiDrive: prices will be adjusted

With a new pricing structure, STRATO wants to make HiDrive cloud storage more attractive, especially for younger target groups. The cheapest HiDrive “Starter” plan costs 3.50 euros per month with 500 GB of memory. 1 terabyte of storage (1024 GB) now costs 5 euros per month. 12 month usage is calculated here. A newly offered package with additional features is “HiDrive Family”. It includes five user spaces, device backup and office functions. This also includes the moving service. The plan has 2 TB (2,048 GB) of storage and costs 15 euros per month.

A feature advertised as a special feature of STRATO HiDrive is the possibility of customization: everyone can flexibly adapt the range of functions of their own online storage to their personal needs. Various additional functions can be added to the standard package: multiple users, protocols such as WebDAV and SMB, Office functions, device backup, end-to-end encryption directly in the product and a migration service from other vendors to HiDrive. In fact, I think the protocols are really crap – and of course STRATO doesn’t show directly on the website what they cost.

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