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A high-fat diet promotes inflammatory cells in the bone marrow – healing practice



Effects of eating high fat foods

A high fat diet seems to be training special inflammatory immune cells in the bone marrow respectively. This could explain why high-fat diets trigger inflammation, which can contribute to the development of insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes and other complications in obese people.

In a new study involving experts from University of Toronto the link between the increase in fat cells in the bone marrow and the so-called invasive Ly6Chigh monocytes has been examined. The results can be found in the English-language journal “eLife“to be read.

Metabolic disorders following a diet

In the study of mice that ate a high fat diet, it was shown that the animals at only three weeks of metabolic disorders throughout the body and in the bone marrow developed.

Many immune cells, including so-called monocytes, form in the bone marrow and the bone marrow reacts very sensitive to environmental changes, explains the research team. We therefore already knew that a high-fat diet led to the proliferation of fat cells in the bone marrow tracks.

The team reports that bone marrow fat cells also multiplied in the mice currently being examined and acquired the properties of white fat cells. In addition, metabolic changes also occurred in so-called monocytes on bone marrow cells.

As a result, they used less oxygen to convert sugar into energy and accumulated in the cells and surrounding fluid. Lactic acid explain the researchers.

Mitochondria functioned less efficiently

Experts have found that mitochondria, which convert sugar into energy, are found in monocytes crumble into fragments and thus become less efficient. This process of mitochondrial fragmentation is accomplished with a insulin resistance related.

According to experts, the number of monocytes in the bone marrow shifted over several weeks less monocytes with the designation Ly6Clow labeled with more monocytes Ly6Chaut.

These are the same type of monocytes found in people with Obesity invades adipose tissue. Such accumulation of Ly6Chigh monocytes in the bone marrow begins before the monocytes accumulate in the fatty tissue of the rest of the body. develop inflammatory macrophagesaccording to the team.

Alteration of fat cells in the bone marrow

These results show that a high-fat diet can lead to reorganization of fat cells in the bone marrow, which disrupts the normal balance of monocytes and can subsequently cause the invading Ly6Chigh monocytes to overflow into the body.‘ explains the author of the study Amira Clip in a Press release.

What is the role of white adipose tissue?

Additionally, in experiments with cell samples from mice fed a high-fat diet, the team found that white adipose tissue causes these changes box.

Moreover, it turned out that brown adipose tissuewhich is more common in thinner people, a downward shift non-invasive Ly6Clow monocytes can, according to the research team.

Our study shows how a high-fat diet triggers an inflammatory cascade in the body that also involves the bone marrow“, highlighted clip. More research is now needed to better understand this process and to find out if there are ways to reduce the process. prevent or reverse.

It is also important to know whether the bone marrow in humans is also affected early response to obesity. Because other knowledge on this subject could new therapies to treat obesity and to prevent complications such as diabetes.

This Invasion of inflammatory immune cells (Monocytes) in the adipose tissue is considered a hallmark of obesity, but how this harmful phenomenon occurs is still unclear.

The results of the current study now provide clues as to how a high-fat diet triggers changes in the bone marrow that affect fatty tissue and promote inflammation that occurs in obesity, the team said. of research. (as)

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