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Launching new revenue streams for creators



Launching new revenue streams for creators

During its internal “Made on YouTube” event, the platform announced how creators, i.e. the biggest channels on YouTube who also earn money by creating their videos, can generate additional income at the future. For example, in the future also via short videos from YouTube Shorts. Additionally, the monetization system, the YouTube Partner Program (YPP), should be open to even more creators. The music industry will also get a helping hand by opening up monetization with ads to those who use music in their videos.

Starting next year, creators of short YouTube videos will be able to apply for the YPP, i.e. the monetization system, if they have more than 1,000 subscribers and at least 10 million views of their short videos. videos within 90 days. For users, this means that advertising will also appear in many of these videos in the future. But that’s not all for short film creators on YouTube in terms of earnings. Because from the start of 2023, YouTube wants to move away from its fixed fund for creators and introduce a new revenue-sharing model for short films – for current and future creators in the YouTube Partner Program. Since the ads are placed between the videos in the shorts feed, the intention is that the revenue from these ads will be added up each month and used to reward the shorts creators for their work and to help pay for fees. music license. Of the total amount that can be awarded to creators, they keep 45% of the revenue, which is distributed according to their share of the total number of short film views. The revenue share remains the same whether or not they use music.

And then there is “Creator Music”. This feature is currently still in beta phase in the US and is expected to expand to other countries over the coming year. The new option is supposed to provide “easy access to an ever-growing catalog of music to use in videos.” Artists and rights holders should also receive another source of revenue for their media, as creators can access music licenses at a lower cost.

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