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Twitch bans major gaming sites and their promotion



Twitch bans major gaming sites and their promotion

Twitter reacted to massive criticism of casino feeds and gambling promotion. From October 18, a new regulation will come into force which, among other things, will prohibit roulette and slot machine streams with links to (certain) sites. In the end, it’s a good step, even if it’s currently worded loosely. Hopefully, this will affect those who use the opportunities of our time to quickly capitalize on (influenceable) fans and viewers and perhaps lead them into addiction and financial hardship. It remains to be seen what the details that will be communicated by Twitch will look like.

Game content on Twitch is a big topic of discussion in the community and something we’ve been monitoring since our last policy update in this area. Today we would like to inform you about our plans. Although we prohibit the sharing of links or referral codes to any site offering slots, roulette or craps, we have found that some people circumvent these rules, exposing our community to potential harm. So on October 18, we will update our policies to include streaming from gambling sites offering slots, roulette, craps or craps that do not provide adequate consumer protection in the States. United States or other countries. These websites will include,, and However, over time we may identify additional sites. We will continue to allow sites focused on sports betting, fantasy sports and poker. We will announce details of updates to our gaming policy soon.

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