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Varicose veins: ultrasound can help with diagnosis and therapy

million people have varicose veins. These can, among other things, make the legs feel heavy and swollen. The skin may also become tight or itchy. If varicose veins are left untreated, they can become dangerous. Experts report that Ultrasonic in the therapy can help.

About 30% of adults in Germany have varicose veins that require treatment. If left untreated, these conditions can worsen and lead to serious complications such as deep vein problems, leg ulcers (leg ulcer) or venous thrombosis. It is therefore important to have a good, reliable diagnosis that determines the extent of the varicose veins and the need and type of treatment, reports the German Society for Ultrasound in Medicine eV (DEGUM) in a publication Message.

Almost no complaints at first

While varicose veins can form in many parts of the body, they most commonly occur in the lower extremities. “At first, varicose veins cause little or no damage complaintssays private lecturer Dr. Medical Emilia Stegemann, head of the DEGUM Vascular Ultrasound Section.

“Since this illness, however don’t go alone and rather worsens, it should not be taken lightly and dismissed solely as a cosmetic problem”warns the head doctor of the clinic for general internal medicine and angiology at the Agaplesion Diakonie clinics in Kassel.

There is a risk of “spread”

Dr. Stegemann therefore advises those affected to have their varicose veins treated by vein specialists before symptoms appear. Check To allow. They can clarify what condition they are in, how advanced they are, and what therapy may be needed.

“If left untreated, patients are at risk of chronic disease. venous insufficiencywhich not only limits the quality of life, but can also become dangerous”according to the vascular doctor.

Because impaired blood flow from the leg veins According to the expert, the associated increase in venous blood pressure leads to painful and tense legs, accumulation of fluid in the tissues and changes in the skin.

“In the worst case, these patients develop a so-called ‘open leg’which can even lead to loss of a leg in the event of superinfection”explains Stegemann.

First symptoms of varicose veins

Heaviness, swelling, itching, pressure and sometimes pain after standing or sitting for a long time are the first symptoms for a varicose vein. Nowadays, a detailed diagnosis is easy and, thanks to modern imaging methods, also gentle.

With ultrasound, the superficial and deep venous system can be made visible and the condition of the veins and vascular valves can usually be determined very precisely. current guidelines According to this, color-coded duplex ultrasound – a special ultrasound procedure – is the first examination procedure to be used.

“In recent years, ultrasound has replaced many radiation-damaging diagnostic and therapeutic methods – including in the Varicose veins offerexplains Stegemann. “The procedure is neither invasive nor radiative and can be repeated as often as desired.”

This ultrasound procedure is now also the gold standard for follow-up checks. If the color code Duplex ultrasound is not available, a Doppler ultrasound can also provide first impressions. Here, however, the examination is significantly less precise and only indicates pronounced results.

Ultrasound used for treatment

Ultrasound is also used to treat varicose veins. For example, in the case of ultrasonic testing radiofrequency ablation – a procedure in which the tissue is targeted with a high frequency current – defined areas of the leg veins are closed.

“And also in the event of a operation must in any case be planned with an ultrasound-Doppler”Stegeman said. (ad)

Author and source information

This text corresponds to the specifications of the specialized medical literature, medical guidelines and current studies and has been verified by health professionals.


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Important note:
This article contains general advice only and should not be used for self-diagnosis or treatment. It cannot substitute a visit to the doctor.

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