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Version 102.3.0 with more fixes is here



Mozilla Thunderbird: version 102.2.0 has arrived

Mozilla has given a new update to its open source Thunderbird email program. After a few bugfix updates, this was upgraded to 102.3.0, but versioning already reveals that no big jumps are to be expected. In addition to numerous bugfixes, which are also attached below, only small adjustments have been made. Thunderbird will no longer attempt to import account passwords from other Thunderbird profiles. You want to avoid corrupted profiles or even permanent data loss.


  • Thunderbird will no longer attempt to import account passwords when importing from another Thunderbird profile to prevent profile corruption and permanent data loss.
  • Devtools performance profile will use Thunderbird presets instead of Web Developer presets


  • Thunderbird startup performance improvements
  • Failed to save email source and images
  • An error message was repeatedly displayed when the temporary disk space was full
  • Attaching OpenPGP keys with no defined size to unencrypted messages briefly showed zero bytes in size
  • Global search input box originally contained “undefined”
  • Removal of POP server mail filter rule failed to trigger intermittently
  • Connections to POP3 servers without UIDL support failed
  • Pop counts with “Fetch headers only” set full messages downloaded if server did not advertise TOP capability
  • “File -> New -> Address Book Contact” from Compose window did not work
  • Attach “My vCard” option in compose window was not available
  • Improved performance of matching a contact to an email address
  • The address book only recognizes the first two email addresses of a contact
  • Address book search and autocomplete failed if a contact vCard could not be parsed
  • Failed to download NNTP messages for offline use
  • NNTP client stuck when connecting to Public-Inbox servers

Various visual and UX improvements

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