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Vodafone Allnet Flat for 9.99 euros per month



Vodafone Allnet Flat for 9.99 euros per month

At klarmobil – owned by freenet – you still have it set up an offer in the Vodafone network. The title reveals it: you get 20 GB of data volume on the Vodafone network and pay 9.99 euros per month for it. For 9.99 euros there is not only pure LTE data volume, there is also a flat rate for telephony and SMS. It’s reminiscent of a July campaign, but this time there’s no connection price.

The details of the offer are as follows:

20 GB LTE data volume (50 Mbit/s)
Vodafone network
FLAT telephony
24 month commitment
VoLTE and Wi-Fi calling capability
eSIM possible
Flexible contract start possible
€9.99/month instead of €29.99
no connection fee

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