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What you absolutely need to pay attention to now



What you absolutely need to pay attention to now

The publisher of NBA 2K is now also affected by a hack.

After Rockstar, Take Two subsidiary 2K Games was also affected. As the publisher of games like Borderlands recently posted on Twitter, its support page has also been hacked:

We learned today that an unauthorized third party has illegally accessed the data of one of our vendors on the support platform where 2K provides support to our customers.

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In this regard, they point the finger at malicious emails: “The unauthorized party sent messages to some players containing a malicious link. Please do not open emails or links received from 2K Games support account.”

what can you do now

If you clicked on a link, 2K recommends the following security measures:

  • Reset all your saved passwords in the browser
  • If possible, enable two-factor authentication on your accounts
  • Scan your device with antivirus software
  • Check your email account settings for changes

They also point out – for possible cases in the future – that they will never ask you for passwords or other personal data in an email.

The website has been taken offline at this time and 2K will respond again when the site is up and emails are safe again.

Here you can re-watch the character trailer for New Tales from The Borderlands, which will be released by 2K in October:

New Tales from the Borderlands - Character Trailer Shows Wacky Main Characters


New Tales from the Borderlands – Character Trailer Shows Wacky Main Characters

This time Rockstar is unaffected by the hack

In general, 2K Games support supports games like NBA 2K, WWE 2K or the Borderlands series. Rockstar, also a subsidiary of Take Two, was unaffected by piracy with its games this time around as they operate their own help desk.

Learn more about the great Rockstar hack:

As you have probably already noticed, hacks are on the rise lately and this one from Rockstar Games has of course made huge waves. Apparently, the hacker responsible for this is behind several major hacks in the tech industry. Nvidia, Microsoft, Samsung, but also Uber have been affected. It is now said that even the FBI is investigating.

However, it is not yet known whether this hacker was also involved in the attack on 2K.

Are you also affected by the hack?

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