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Get these three free Pokémon at Gamestop now



Get these three free Pokémon at Gamestop now

At Gamestop you currently receive three mysterious Pokémon as gifts

Until the end of September, you can get three new mysterious Pokémon for Pokémon Sword and Shield exclusively at Gamestop. This is possible in all stores in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. And above all, it’s complete free.

You can get these Pokemon

The first of the three pocket monsters is Genesect, which comes from the fifth generation and combines the Beetle and Stahl types. It has an insect-like purple metal body and walks on two legs, but isn’t as tall as your sneakers at 1.5m.

number two is volcano, a so-called Steam Pokemon as it represents Fire and Water types, and comes from Generation Six. With its size of 1.7 m and 195 kg, this Pokémon is a big piece. It has a mostly red body and walks on all fours. In addition to his legs, Volcanion also has two thick arms that protrude from his back and usually form a ring together.

Last but not least joins us Marombre added, the smallest and cutest in the round with fighting and ghost types. With the seventh generation, the little monster is the youngest of the three and, in keeping with its name, bears a certain resemblance to a well-roasted marshmallow. Despite its 0.7 m, the little one is not to be taken lightly and it will probably be necessary to avoid upsetting it.

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This is how you get the mysterious three

Just request the code at checkout at your Gamestop store of choice and, bang, you’ve almost got the Pokemon in your virtual bag.

All you need to trade is an internet connection and, of course, Pokémon Sword or Shield. After starting the game, all you have to do is select “Secret Gift” from the game menu, then enter your code under “Receive via serial code/password”. As always, don’t forget to save at the end and you can start.

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How long can you still use the codes?

You can still get the codes themselves until September 30 collect them in your stoppage of play, then you must exchange them in 31/12/2022.

Which of the three do you prefer?

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