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GTA 6 Big Leak Reveals Vice City’s First Mysteries and Activities



GTA 6 Big Leak Reveals Vice City's First Mysteries and Activities

A journalist has watched all the videos and is now giving us a short summary with exciting content.

Rockstar hasn’t had it easy over the past week, with a massive leak of GTA 6 footage circulating the internet. Although the company has said that the development of GTA 6 is not in danger, it is still struggling with the hacker’s demands.

What is actually shown in the videos? Zack Zwiezen is a reporter at Kotaku and has seen the entire mountain of video material. In his summary, we learn what new and well-known features await us in GTA 6 and what alligators have to do with it.

Spoiler alert: The leak reveals big and small details about GTA 6. If you want to enjoy the game without any prior knowledge, read no further.

GTA 6 with strip clubs, wildlife and hovercraft

Zwiezen cannot share the video material himself, but he does give a good description of what he saw in the 90 videos. He can even confirm some of the rumors that were already there beforehand by his observation: This is how we know Vice City is still going. We can explore large urban centers, small rural areas and swamps.

We also know more about the pair of protagonists. The two are named Jason and Lucia and have a similar relationship to Bonnie and Clyde. Some items are shared between the two characters, but some are only found in one inventory. You should be able to quickly switch between the two characters with just the press of a button.

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Vice City overflowing with mystery

Also in GTA 6 we can pursue many activities. This includes a visit worthy of a strip club to watch the dancers at work. There’s also evidence that the fishing mechanic returns from Red Dead Redemption 2. To make exploring the swamps easier, it’s also possible to cross the wetlands in a hovercraft.

In the world of GTA 6, however, there are not many activities waiting for us, but also all kinds of animals. During our travels we will encounter, for example, wild boars, dogs, raccoons and alligators. Although there have been wild animals in previous GTA titles, GTA 6 is expected to feature much higher numbers.

It gets crazy again: Apparently there are supposed to be random events that trigger spontaneously. A haunted house, a sex robot, a spiritual journey, a creepy voice in the drainpipe and much more await us. Mysterious events such as a UFO sighting should also be included.

However, Zwiezen also mentions that these things may still change before the full launch. We don’t yet know when GTA 6 will be released, but we assume it will be released after 2023.

Which GTA 6 feature are you most looking forward to?

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